Here you will find my videos, shared via the current platforms I am using which are Facebook and Rumble. Censorship has increased on YouTube and I had my account terminated on 12th March 2021. You will find these 'banned' videos on Rumble.  Documents referred to in my videos can be found in my NEWS and RECOMMENDED READING pages.

Rumble Videos

24th March 2022

"Rockerfeller Medicine".

27th April 2022

"We are taking the Welsh Government to Court.

6th April 2022

"We are powerful beings".

28th April 2022

"Tatchell does NOT represent our children".

19th March 2022

"Why are people still playing this game?".

31st March 2022

"Opioid Crisis".

10th March 2022

"The AIDS Deception with the Loft Project".

9th March 2022

"Alfred Kinsey's data is based upon the RAPE of INFANTS!".

7th March 2022

"Do we really want children to be exposed to sex toys?".

2nd March 2022

"An update".

15th February 2022

"Opioids are the leading cause of death under 50's in the USA, higher than car accidents and guns".

2nd February 2022

"Oxycontin and the opioid crisis - Sackler family and Purdue Pharma".

31st January 2022

"Anti-vax movement is NOT "well funded".

27th January 2022

We need a real debate.

10th January 2022

Fear causes disease (all forms).

23rd October 2021

Sex Education Danger.

23rd January 2022

We need to get over the virus lie.

7th January 2022

The more you test, the longer this goes on.

20th October 2021

Vaccine side effects, they are very real, let's take a look.

12th October 2021

The nature of a "virus" explained.

1st October 2021

Transgender Craze.

8th October 2021

The goal of sexualising children cinemas, swingers clubs etc coming to a town near you.

29th September 2021

If you have children you NEED to watch this.

12th January 2022

Medical Statistics are hugely unreliable.

5th January 2022

One by one.

18th October 2021

A review of the 2004 film "Kinsey" played by Liam Neeson.

4th October 2021

Kinsey's research exposed, from the publication "Sexual Behaviour in the Human Male"

28th September 2021

Some Welsh schools aren't administering vaccines on their premises.

26th September 2021

The media created the fuel shortage.

24th September 2021

Sorry for the rant but we really have run out of time and if we don't act right now, god help us.

14th September 2021

They are deliberately coercing folk into getting the vaccine, this isn't FORCE, they know they can't do it, hence the daily lies and propaganda. They need you to beLIEve it, so you walk straight into the trap. Resist.

1st August 2021

Update on Darrens 140 mile route to St Davids. Thank you so much for all the support

31st August 2021

We need to address this dangerous issue immediately.

30th August 2021

Jeremy Bamber is innocent......

21st August 2021

Dig deep and raise funds for this very important legal case, thank you.

28th August 2021

Vaccine damage is also very common in adults.

10th August 2021

We need to get over the virus lie

5th August 2021

People are being murdered within the medical establishment

9th August 2021

What is the vaccine control group?

3rd August 2021

Coercion is illegal. We need to protect our children.

2nd August 2021

Our children are in serious danger.  We need to act fast.

31st July 2021

The "John/Joan" Case - Scientific Fraud.  This is the basis of sex reassignment.

28th July 2021

Home Education is the way forward.  Children are being pulled out of school sharpish.....

27th July 2021

Tests are being recalled.....there's a surprise, we warned you.

26th July 2021

Welcome to the Circus.  Vaccines are not safe or effective.

22nd July 2021

Fame Chasers and Bullies.  Be careful who you are supporting.

21st July 2021

I have no time for pussy footing any longer.  If you don't like it then leave...

20th July 2021

This shouldn't need to be said but as people seem to have forgotten......

15th July 2021

They love to cause divide.....

12th July 2021

Please monitor your childrens devices, there is a lot of grooming going on, it's extremely dangerous.

6th July 2021

We need to act immediately.

9th July 2021

As we can see from this alone, there was and is no pandemic. Without all of other thousands of examples.

8th July 2021

Now it's evident that you have been royally lied to, will you carry on playing? or will you say NO?!

5th July 2021

Beware of the guys at BBC Manchester.

4th July 2021

Informed Consent.  Make sure you teach your children the truth.

3rd July 2021

Proof no "virus" has EVER been isolated.  FOI Requests.

1st July 2021

Who is dying??? Where are the deaths coming from?.

2nd July 2021

You are more powerful than you know and they fear the day you discover it.

28th June 2021

26th June 2021

25th June 2021

23rd June 2021

People need to be held accountable, no more genocide..

22nd June 2021

Be careful of controlled opposition leading you down the wrong path.

21st June 2021

Enjoying the Show???

20th June 2021

"The Masks Dont Work".

17th June 2021

HPV Vaccine Dangers.

15th June 2021

Germ Theory Nonsense.

12th June 2021

Stop with the misinformation.

12th June 2021

"Fiddlers on the Roof"

9th June 2021

Sunscreen is Toxic

7th June 2021

I Took The Red Pill

3rd June 2021

Anti-Bullshit Rap

5th June 2021

The Industry

3rd June 2021

Do you really want your children sexualised and vulnerable to becoming an abuser or a victim? this must stop, join us on the 4th in cardiff, wales xxx

25th May 2021

People need to be contacting their schools and requesting information on the new RSE curriculum immediately. Do you really want your children sexualised and vulnerable to becoming an abuser or a victim? this must stop, join us on the 4th in cardiff, wales xxx

23rd May 2021

Do we have a "health service" or a "sick management service?" - you decide......

20th May 2021

Don't let the media divide you over vaccines, this is exactly what they want.....

18th May 2021

Do you really want this guy "safeguarding" your children? This is extremely dangerous and you really need to pay attention.....

16th May 2021

What has the so called "sexual revolution" done to mankind?

13th May 2021

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