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Welcome to my page. My name is Kathryn and I live in South Wales in the UK. My journey of discovering the truth surrounding the biggest cartel on earth, known as the "Pharmaceutical Industry" started in May 2010. I was 5 months pregnant with my daughter when a documentary called "vaccine nation" was brought to my attention. That was the first day of my journey of learning the truth and since then, I have studied in depth, primarily and mostly the vaccine industry, but also a whole array of different subjects of the same manner, as in, the truths that have up until recently, been very well kept out of public view and scrutinising eyes. ​

I am also highly involved in campaigning against the Sex Education in schools and the Pornography Industry, which has been absolutely catastrophic for the breakdown of the family unit, and a complete breakdown of society, including a huge increase in sexual offending, especially among young children, along with the increase of child abusers.  


​I am not medically trained, in that, i have no medical qualifications. What i do have however, is thousands of hours of research over an almost 13-year period, with the ability and passion to speak out about what i've learned in hope that others will be curious enough to take the plunge so to speak and take the time to actively research the information that i am providing.

I will share my videos here via the current platform I am using (Rumble).  I did used to have a Youtube account but unfortunately since the censorship has increased, particularly during 2020/21, my account was terminated in March 2021. You will find these banned videos on Rumble.

I'll be adding my usual topical posts to 'News', this way, things that I share to Facebook can still be found here for you to read even after they have been deleted and censored elsewhere.

Have a look around and see what interests you, whether you are at the beginning of your journey of truth or you've known for a long time, there is so much to learn.


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