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No dodgy contracts or devil worship here! All lyrics written by Darren.

Music Videos

26th May 2023

I used to be... Prod by: Riza Penjoel

3rd April 2023

Anarchy - Prod by: Riza Penjoel

11th August 2022

RADIATED - Prod By; Jota Rodriguez

17th April 2022

"Frustrated" - Prod.By: Riza Penjoel

31st October 2022

Trust in Me - Produced by Riza Penjoel

14th December 2021

"Yellow" - Prod.By: Vladseen

8th October 2021

"Spelling" - Prod.By: Kaalah

30th September 2021

"Skint" - Produced by: Beatowski Beats

29th September 2021

"Tracked" - Produced by: KingEF

16th September 2021

Produced by: Riza Penjoel

3rd September 2021

Produced by: Riza Penjoel

21st August 2021


28th July 2021

'Meat' me at the Crossroads.

4th July 2021

Tongue n Cheek "Conspiracy Theory Video". - @mixlaproduction

7th June 2021

I Took The Red Pill

19th August 2021


25th July 2021


20th June 2021

"The Masks Dont Work".

5th June 2021

The Industry

31st July 2021

Prod.Nimaubeats - "Side Effect."

7th July 2021

"Small Fish, White Noise".

12th June 2021

"Fiddlers on the Roof"

3rd June 2021

Anti-Bullshit Rap

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