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Here you will find number of links to various books and articles I have read, these are available in PDF. Further below  you will also see the book 'Virus Mania' by Torsten Engelbrecht.


Poison by Prescription - The AZT Story - by John Lauritson

Inventing the AIDS virus - by Peter Duesberg


A Lost Chapter

In The History Of Biology


by Dr Stefan Lanka

Rockefeller Medicine Men

Rockefeller Medicine Men


The microbe is nothing

the terrain is everything


The One Minute Cure

The Secret to Healing Virtually All Diseases by Madison Cavanaugh

The Common Cold and its Benefits

Chris McAlister

Informed Consent Link
Misinterpretation of Virus II - beginnin

Misinterpretation of Virus II Beginning and end of the corona crisis by Dr Stefan Lanka

Dismantling the Diseases Myth

Astrazeneca Adverse Reactions

Pfizer Adverse Reactions

Kinsey Crimes and Consequences book

Kinsey; Crimes and Consequences.

Judith Reisman

Informed Consent Letter

Informed Consent Notice

Kinsey Sex and Fraud - The Indoctrination of a People

Kinsey, Sex and Fraud.

Judith Reisman

Soft Porn Plays Hardball

"Soft porn" Plays Hardball

Judith Reisman

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