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Kathryn Watkins

Kathryn Watkins - 37

South Wales in the UK.

I began my journey in 2010. I have independently and relentlessly studied the Vaccine Industry in depth, along with Big pharma as a whole along with many other subjects, including the banking industry, mortgage fraud, false flag events, child exploitation and trafficking plus more.


My field of choice however is primarily the medical industry. An industry which I once whole heartedly believed in and assumed was, of course, there to help us when we were sick and to keep us “healthy” using pills and serums as “preventative medicine”. This was what I was led to believe from a young child, we were all conditioned to believe these things and we went with them, as our friends, families and work colleagues also did. If it wasn’t for that one documentary, "Vaccine Nation" which triggered something huge inside me, I have no idea where I would be now, or maybe I would have come across it later on, perhaps. Maybe I was destined to find out at that moment, and it was the perfect

time, I was pregnant after all and I would have, without a second thought, had my child vaccinated as per the vaccine schedule had I not come across this information by the time I gave birth…….It’s “All for the greater good” right? Or is it?.......


I was so shocked, upset, angry and overwhelmed by “vaccine nation” it left me feeling quite numb but something really clicked, and I had no prior knowledge of any of this, my intuition and my soul told me there was something very sinister to this, I cried from about half way through until the end of the documentary, and it was the first of many to come in the following years…… I remember one of the first things that popped into my mind when I realised something was very, very wrong and that was…..”Why do the doctors not speak out? Why don’t they say anything?”. I had no idea at the time that doctors and nurses learn nothing about vaccines in medical school, it was a shock of course, because we are led to believe that they know all there is to know about everything medical, and that is just not the case.


Not long after this, and trying to find out this very important issue that nagged at me, I learned through further research that they are simply not taught about them……which led me to my next question……….”Why on earth are they not taught about the effects of vaccination when they have a vaccine schedule longer than my arm, and babies and children are subjected to multiple injections by the time they are 6 years old?” This takes you into the biggest rabbit hole of all…..Who is involved in the making and selling of vaccinations? How are they tested? How long are they tested? What do the clinical trials show? What do animal studies show? Who is funding the research? Who is funding the safety studies? Who is making a profit? Lobbying? Why are the vaccine manufacturers the only ones on earth who have complete blanket liability from prosecution if anyone gets harmed or killed by their products? Why do they contain known and classified neurotoxins? Why do they contain aborted fetal cells? Why do they contain known carcinogens, other animal and human DNA? What is the purpose of these ingredients? What are the side effects of injecting these toxic chemicals into the body? Etc etc……to find this information out takes time to make the connections.


It’s the most powerful industry on Earth, and is heavily based upon the incorrect and flawed “Germ THEORY” which is the very thing that I believe, needs to be understood fully. Only when this happens, can we start to reverse the damage caused and ensure, moving forward that the correct information is being taught.


Thank you for taking the time to read, please have a look around and see what interests you, thank you for your support.


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