• Kathryn Watkins

Bechamp was one of the most under rated scientists on earth.

“How sad to think that M. Béchamp, after his valiant struggles till a ripe old age against Pasteur and his school – whom he accused of perverting his discoveries and building upon them a false microbian hypothesis – should have gone to the grave without enjoying the satisfaction of hearing that later research has established his position, and seeing the too long tabooed name microzyma reinstated in the records of the Academy of Science!”

From "Bechamp or Pasteur"

I had no idea how much of a fraud Louis Pasteur actually was until i read this book, i knew he was incorrect in his germ THEORY (although not initially his either) but not to the extent that he really was.

Bechamp, on the other hand was a genius, one of the greatest scientists that ever lived, who worked vigorously and tirelessly until the day he died. He battled Pasteur and his plagarisms of his work for his WHOLE life and only got the credit briefly, after his death.

Thankfully, Bechamp is now coming to the forefront and his work is truly getting the recognition it deserves. The fact of the matter is this.....had they actually seen the truth back then, taken Bechamps findings on board and Pasteur didn't get his way, we wouldn't be living in this mess. The world would have been taught and of course would have experienced the Terrain Model. We would all know the TRUE cause of dis-ease and they would NEVER have been able to pull this hoax off! not in a MILLION years! Or all of the other "infectious disease" hoaxes.

It really is that important to understand. Bechamp was a brilliant scientist, better than ANY of his time and even now. He was humble, quiet, honest and got on with his work, which he NEVER brought to the table (in scientific journals) until he had repeated over and over again his experiments (true science). He also changed his mind when new information came to light and produced this too, even if it conflicted with what he had previously discovered.

Also bear in mind that this was in the 1800's before the electron microscope, he had limited equipment and he STILL did it.

You mark my words, all of this amazing mans work WILL come out in a big way over the next few years.

Thank god xxxxxxxxx

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