• Kathryn Watkins

Check Mate

Updated: Apr 11, 2021

Just smiling to myself, you do realise that it doesn't matter anymore, it doesn't matter how hard the corrupt government and the lying lamestream media push this lie, we push back harder, every time, and the one thing that they ain't counting on is the sheer amount of people waking up to this bullshit.

We've been beaten down, called to be criminalised, even killed, abused, attacked, mocked and belittled for too damn long and even though it hurt sometimes, we got back up stronger......throw us to the wolves and we come back leading the pack. And that "pack" is getting bigger by the second, it's NEVER going back the other way, no matter how hard they try, it's that simple, 100th monkey effect, ripple effect in full swing.

Any truther knows that once they go down the rabbit hole, they aren't coming back out, that's a fact. When you look behind the curtain and see what's been hidden it's going to make you VERY angry, and so it should........you will move into a stage of focusing that anger into trying to look for change and resolution, justice and peace for the world, if you are still able to exhibit empathy after having it battered out of you by the matrix from the day you were born.

The world is a stage right? the ending depends on what we do.....so to the conspiracy nuts, truther seekers, researchers, critical thinkers, crazy tin foil hat wearing outcasts and black sheep of the world who are relentless in what you do to make real change for the betterment of humanity.......i fucking SALUTE YOU!

Let's do this We have to keep going, push through the nonsense and just carry on, it's working.

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