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Sexual Sabotage - The Pre/post Kinsey era and the Destruction of the "Greatest Generation"

This blog is based upon Dr Judith Reisman's book 'sexual sabotage' written in 2010. What Alfred Kinsey's work did to society is beyond disastrous, and 'sexual sabotage' demonstrates the fall-out of his research, which included the sexual abuse and torture of infants and children. To find out more about this horrific eugenicist, please visit my blog on the sexual revolution and/or Kinsey's connection to MKULTRA as a CIA asset. I've included the PDF for this book at the end of the blog if you'd rather read the whole publication. For those who would prefer a summary, please read on.

Dr Judith reisman battled the sex industry - in particular the pornography industry and the research of Alfred Kinsey - for more than four decades. Her research is invaluable and without it most people would still be in the dark about the dangers of the sexual liberation movement. Dr Reisman was relentless in exposing this soul destroying industry, despite being attacked by all participants of the agenda, including the CIA, FBI, and congress, and attacked and misrepresented by the cabal owned media who ran a PR campaign on behalf of the CIA to destroy her reputation and her incredibly relevant and significant research. For more information on Dr Reisman's work, please visit her website. Thankfully it's still available to us, even after her death in April of 2021. Some of my other blogs on my website also provide a lot of useful information regarding Judith's life work.

'Sexual sabotage' is one of Dr Reisman's most recent books and is well worth explaining what it was based upon, considering the relevance of it today. Reisman begins by painting a picture of how things were when she was a thirteen year-old girl in 1948 - the year that Kinsey's 'Sexual Behaviour in the Human Male' was published. Gentlemen still opened doors for women and children, there was barely any criminality, and sixteen year-olds had never been kissed. In the pre-Kinsey era, people were still innocent, date-rape had never been heard of, parents had no reason to worry about their child's safety, and many were at war. This generation is slowly disappearing as they come to the end of their lives, replaced by the proceeding generations who become more deviant and degenerate than the former.

Alfred Kinsey not only studied sexuality, he helped to create it, in such a way that has made it difficult for us to recognise what pre -1950's sexuality looked like. Although Kinsey claimed Americans were suffering a period of 'sexual repression' his statistics claimed the generation was sexually immoral, promiscuous, and deviant, which was clearly a huge contradiction.

America was at war when Kinsey was collecting his data on human sexuality. People were weary as America was bombarded with a highly publicised tale that Kinsey sold as reality - with of course, the help of the cabal owned mainstream media who consistently promoted him, and the intelligence agencies who protected him from scrutiny and being outed as a complete fraud.

Rape was pretty much unheard of in the 1940's, and assault, armed robbery, and divorce were rare. Everyone had married parents and sex without love still seemed utterly unethical to most, including college-aged men. The World War II generation, dubbed by Reisman as the 'Greatest Generation' were still trained to honour God, country, and family - which ensured a secure life for children, and for all. There were genuine morals between veterans and their wives, calling them sweethearts, darlings, and dearest (not 'hot and sexy'). They were disciplined by military training in most cases and were absolutely nothing like Kinsey had painted them from his 'research'. Gentlemen were gentlemen, they were obligated, respectful, and of service to women - the weaker sex.

Most soldiers on all sides were exposed to sexual propaganda during the war, which was often claiming that wives and girlfriends were being unfaithful. Leaflets that showered among the soldiers from planes above claimed that many of their wives and girlfriends were contracting venereal disease and becoming "infected" back home. These phony statistics confused soldiers, damaging them and their families, it was psychological warfare. They were demoralising enemy troops by suggesting that their wives were sexually promiscuous. This was repeated after the war by Kinsey and associates, and it worked. He was blindly believed.

Kinsey lied and suggested that men and women of our greatest generation were secretly perverts and sex maniacs, and that any type of sex was normal, common, and natural. He basically slandered a whole generation in the name of 'science' which turned out to be criminal, unethical, and fraudulent.

"If infants and children aren't having orgasms" Kinsey said; "they are being psychologically harmed by foolish puritanical inhibitions."

Kinsey claimed in his reports that statistically no women or children experienced harm from rape or incest - no-one challenged this claim. For health he urged early masturbation, as early as possible if a child was to be 'normal'. Kinsey had a secret of barbaric sexual torture to himself which began in childhood. He had a pathological sexual perversion using torturous instruments on his private parts which became more violent over time, like an addiction. Pornography addicts of today also exhibit this masochistic sexual behaviour.

Kinsey’s own early death illustrates the problems that attend upon following his advice. Toward the end of his life, Kinsey’s role in his pornography films was reduced exclusively to demonstrating “solo” sexual techniques. He loved to exhibit his large sex organ and found bizarre ways to perform on camera. Kinsey Indiana photographer, Bill Dellenback often filmed Kinsey, “engaged in masochistic” self-abuse. Jones reports Kinsey inserting objects into his urethra, such as “a swizzle stick, the kind with a knob on the end.” Or he would “tie a rope around his scrotum, and then simultaneously tug hard on the rope as he maneuvered the object deeper and deeper” or “wrap the other end around his hand and climb onto a chair and jump off.”

Kinsey died, apparently of complications associated with “orchitis” which can be fatal, causing pain, swelling - usually due to gonorrhea, syphilis, filarial disease. Traumatic orchitis is orchitis following trauma. He’d had hundreds of violent partners, hence, many sexually diseased partners, as well as significant trauma at minimum to his testicles and urethra. The terrible trauma he inflicted on his sexual organs no doubt led directly to his untimely death. Unknown to the public, Kinsey's defense of masturbation as non-addictive was clearly due to his own addiction. Obsessive masturbation is a typical sign of sex addiction and/or early sexual abuse.

Kinsey avoided serving in the forces despite being a very athletic man. He was protected, as I explain in my blog on his connection to the CIA. He had a very significant job to do in America - to thoroughly change societies attitudes and beliefs. He was also part of the eugenics movement. Kinsey rejected and despised God, his dogmatic atheism supporting his eugenicist ideology. He called for a program of mass sterilisation of the lowest classes and he embraced bestiality. He used his work to legitimise and normalise his own deviancy. The only time Kinsey ever mentions love at all, is when he refers to humans having sex with animals.

Being a closet sadomasochist and homosexual, Kinsey's wife Clara was indeed the 'front' he needed to hide his perversions. He took Clara on a mountain hike for their honeymoon in a blizzard. They slept separately. He had been abusing himself for twenty years, even if he liked women, he couldn't perform because his abuse and chronic masturbation made him impotent. The only thing that made him orgasm at that point was extreme pain.

If this was known it would negate the aggressive Kinseyan claims that chronic masturbation is harmless. After their children were born (paternally unknown, although likely Kinsey's) he quit his spousal sexual duties completely. In fact, he offered Clara for sex and she did as she was told. She was completely degraded but cooperative as the wife of the 'high priest of sexual liberation'. She and Kinsey had a very unhealthy marriage with love completely missing. It was the men that Kinsey desired, walking naked among them wherever possible, bathing and going to toilet in front of them, talking openly about sex. He was a proud exhibitionist.

Indiana University, where the Kinsey Institute is located, kept letters hidden and covered up for Kinsey, even today. Like Hitler, who was also a homosexual and eugenicist - Kinsey refused to employ Jews, women, blacks, or Christians. Kinsey's plan was to exploit marriage in order to eliminate it. He hated women, he bullied them, including his wife, female faculty, and female students. The 'sexual histories' he collected gave him great power to do as he pleased, using sexual secrets for blackmail. In the name of 'science', such trusting subjects were exploited to satisfy an interviewers pathologies - sexual harassment. Girls were traumatised by Kinsey's questions and felt 'verbally raped'. All of Kinsey's interviewers made all girls feel ignorant, backward, and old-fashioned, telling them that 'scientific data' proved that their parents generation raised them on lies and sexual hypocrisy.

Pornography productions began in Kinsey's attic at his home, and in his sound-proof room at Indiana University. His highly publicised but ludicrous 'finding' that human health depends on early sex, often, in any form, and sex with anyone or anything, pleased funders to keep the money flowing. Kinsey was funded by the tax-payer, the CIA and the Rockefeller Foundation.

No-one was hired to Kinsey's team unless they, their wives, and their children gave sexual histories to Kinsey. None of them were scientists, and they had to be male, insecure, white men who would sleep with Kinsey and perform sex acts on him when he chose. Anyone who came along that was ethical and moral - were rejected. Kinsey associate and co-author of the Kinsey Reports, Clyde Martin was only nineteen when he started at Indiana University. He was seduced by Kinsey who first hired him as his gardener, and then an interviewer. Martin did as he was told and kept all of Kinsey's secrets. Kinsey chose his team based on good looks, masculinity, atheism, sexual amorality, and sexual willingness. They shared his faith and thought of Kinsey as a God. He wasn't just interviewing people, he was having sexual encounters with many of them! Homosexual encounters with men and boys.

During his research, 86% of Kinsey's sample were the 'dregs of society'. During WWII, as men and women fought for their lives overseas to save the world, prostitutes, pedophiles, elitist homosexuals, and rapists were metamorphed into graphs of masturbation, adultery, homosexuality, early sexual activity, and bestiality - that purported to represent the greatest generation. So with the combined weight of the Rockefeller Foundation (RF), Indiana University, National Research Council (NRC) and Kinsey himself, they managed to keep his 'boys' off the battlefield.

Being a cult leader Kinsey had many followers who would do anything for him, at his command. He was charismatic and manipulative, picking those who were morally weak, surrounding himself with sycophants, and dominated his whole staff.

Kinsey required a sound-proofed room in the University to muffle the screams elicited by sexual torture - violent masochism and sadomasochism. He had to either work himself up in the bathroom beforehand, or get a 'professional' to sexually abuse him. He sought to destroy the morality and religious legacy of Judeo-Christianity that had once protected marriage, family, the authority of protective parents, and the sanctity of childhood.

People repeated Kinsey's black propaganda so often and in so many venues that, finally, they began to believe them. It was absolutely everywhere and it was all complete lies. Kinsey started the 'sexual revolution' and he literally changed the whole world. It affected the way people looked, thought, talked, and behaved about sex.

Kinsey seduced the greatest generations children who became the 'sex, drugs, and rock & roll' kids of the late 1960's and parented the 'gen-xers' of the 1980's, who parented today's 'porn generation'. This fraud eroded trust that children had in their own parents, and spouses with each other. Insecurity crept into relationships, undermining marriage and familial bonds. Kinsey's propaganda led to a drastic deterioration of American morals - changing western society forever.

The sexual revolution brought in booming global trade in electronic pornography, annual international sex trafficking of up to 800,000 women and children, domestic sex trafficking, prostitutes and strippers in the millions, unprecedented sexual violence against women and children, rampant eroticism in pop culture, high rates of unwed pregnancies, abortion on demand, skyrocketing rates of addiction to sex, pornography, and illicit drugs, failed marriages, widespread impotence, lost careers, financial ruin, rampant child sex abuse, serial killings, and death.

Kinsey's work has been the most 'important' and influential work on human sexuality in the twentieth century, especially in regards to science, media, the law, education, and public opinion. His propaganda literally affected the very essence of society, spawning epidemics that threaten children, our families, our marriages, public safety, our quality of life - our very lives. Kinsey claimed;

"Early in life, we should learn how to masturbate, copulate, and sodomise because ignorance would limit orgasms and lead to divorce."

Between 1960 and the 1990's, marriage rates fell dramatically, and during the 1970's and 1980's divorce rates were rising - doubling between 1965 and 1975. Promoting adultery as 'harmless' obviously increased its frequency. Broken homes have increased poverty and welfare, more single mums without support, porn consumption massively increased, increased parental abuse and neglect - triggering sexually active, traumatised children, increased childhood abuse by drug-using, disordered, incarcerated, abandoning parents, increased medicalised youths and mentally ill adults, increased child runaways, child prostitution, child porn, substance abuse, increased pornography addiction, battery, homicides, suicides, and multiple drug and alcohol addictions.

Daughters of batterers are 6.5 times more likely to become victims of father-daughter incest than other girls. As families were uprooted and toppled, their children became vulnerable prey.

Consequences of a post Kinsey world were dire. Parents were becoming what Kinsey had falsely painted them to be. By the late 1960's we were becoming what he said we were in 1948 - promiscuous hypocrites. The 'swinging sixties' saw children turning away from parents in celebrations of 'free love' and drugs.

The data is clear that fatherless households were significantly more vulnerable to early sexual activity, alcohol and drug abuse, and criminal activity. The increase in child and adult criminal activity was thanks to the fall-out of Alfred Kinsey's work. Adult crime tripled between 1950 and 1979 with serious child crime soaring to a staggering 11,000%.

Through academia, students slowly started to believe in Kinsey's 'free love' society more and more, and began rejecting all that their parents had fought for in WWII. Kinsey's statistics made college boys and girls paranoid - should they have been having relations they wondered?.

Acceptance of prostitution and sex-for-profit further legitimised pornography, spawning increases in sexual abuse, incest, and domestic and international human trafficking.

The free-love movement of the 1960's advocated unattached, uncommitted sex - shotgun weddings in pregnancy were no more. Men just left and moved on, leaving woman in poverty with child, which had a huge impact on family, children, and society.

Kinsey's dangerous cult sabotaged the reality of morality by claiming to scientifically prove that there is no 'right or wrong', no 'good or bad', no 'moral or immoral', and no 'normalcy or deviance'. In Kinsey's world we can do no wrong except, perhaps, to uphold our traditional, Judeo-Christian values. In his world, the only perverts were virgin men and women who marry, stay faithful, bear children, and raise them in a wholesome, intact home.

Playboy publishers are on record as being fully aware that they are creating impotent male users and addiction to their products. It's how they run their business. The sex industry is the most powerful of all, running hand-in-hand with big pharmaceuticals and the medical industrial complex.

Wardell Pomeroy - Kinsey's closest associate, co-author of the Kinsey reports, and first director of UNESCO was a paid advisor, consultant, and 'expert witness' for 'Penthouse' forum variations - publications that taught bestiality, sadism, homosexuality, bisexuality, and incest. Pornography massively pushes incestuous sex as normal and unharmful.

There are truly a staggering amount of numbers accessing porn sites day in, day out. Pornographers also disguise their sites through children's programmes such as 'My Little Pony' and 'Action Man'.

In 1955 the ALI-MPC (American Law Institute - Model Penal Code - the legal system) was changed according to the newfound 'science' on sexuality provided by Kinsey. This had profound affects on society, as laws previously in place for the protection of women and girls, were removed. One hundred percent of ALI-MPC justifications for reducing and abolishing penalties for sex crimes, quoted Kinsey as proof - a certifiably mad sexual psychopath, advised State Legislative Committees on how to rewrite our laws based on his personal sexuality model. This truly was a downward turning point in history and led to the mass production of 'soft porn' - and eventually - sadistic adult and child pornography, child sex abuse, prostitution, rape, general social disorder, and a breakdown of the nuclear family.

The largest group of viewers of internet pornography are children between the ages of twelve and seventeen. This is alarming, considering what we now know about the dangers of pornography consumption to the brain, especially to the child brain.

All earlier sexologists, social scientists - even Sigmund Freud, initially did not advocate for early child sex. In 1948 Freud included and promoted his 'penis envy' theory, claiming that when female children realize they lack a penis, they feel 'castrated' in comparison to males, and contended that boys lust after their mums, and daughters after their dads. This was a blatant lie. Back in 1948 most girls had never seen a penis to envy! Social scientists started to blame victims - trivialising incest and child abuse.

In a Missouri court case in 1973, it was argued - thanks to the change in the Model Penal Code that;

"The label 'rapist' is a damaging one and should not be used in the statutory non-consent cases. The code reserves that term for the most heinous sexual offender.....for, one may have sex with a 'fully consenting' companion...of twelve years of age."

The sexual revolution has created (and still is) a growing amount of apparent 'sexperts' (or perverts). Freud argued against incest until his career was threatened by colleagues. It was only Kinsey who advocated sex with children at that time. This fact alone establishes him as the sole foundation of modern sex education.

William Z Foster - chairman of the communist party in the USA called for;

"education to be cleansed of religious, patriotic, and other features of the bourgeois ideologies....present obsolete methods of teaching will be superseded by a scientific pedagogy....God will be banished from the laboratories as well as from the schools."

He was absolutely correct. This did happen. Other than specifically faith based schools, which are the minority, God, and therefore morality - has been removed from public and private education.

Kinsey was the first and the loudest sex educator. Out of him came the new 'academic' field of sexology. Wardell Pomeroy also founded the 'Society for the Scientific Study of Sex' (SSSS) in 1957, one year after Kinsey's death. One after another, year after year 'experts' emerged - debunking moral and marital traditions and justifying - with their 'science' - greater and more dangerous perversions.

Hugh Hefner funded SIECUS in 1967 (Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States) and ASSECT was formed (American Society for Sex Educators, Counselors, and Therapists) to promote and train practitioners in 'Kinseyan sexuality'. ASSECT were certifying students as qualified sexual health analysts based on Kinsey's frauds, and similar perverse writings. Kinseyan training was spread all around the world.

Hefner also funded lots of studies on pornography in an attempt to legalise it, bringing in programs to desensitise the public which was spread to the medical schools worldwide to further normalise it. This was successful. Sex organisations trained students via porn, erotic massage, prostitution, masturbation etc, and these students created the sex education curricula. In 1974 the WHO (World Health Organisation) recommended that sexology be recognised as an autonomous discipline in education, and in training health professionals.

SIECUS - being the organisation responsible for sex education worldwide, used AIDS to teach about sexuality in general, mutual masturbation, oral and anal sodomy, and, of course, pornography. Playboy also funded 'Planned Parenthood' in 1981 and carried on funding many universities who were sex-training. In 1996 SIECUS published their position on sexually explicit materials, claiming that sexually explicit visual, painted, or on-line materials can be valuable educational aids. This is where sexual rights came about for children - meaning they now have the same sexual rights as adults. With Pomeroy's influence within the IASHS hundreds of thousands of graduates asserted their 'sexual rights', according to the institute - including the right to all things consensual, including incest, child prostitution, child pornography, bestiality, and all other sex acts if allegedly 'consensual'.

Planned Parenthood encourage desensitisation of impressionable young boys and instructs them to reject girls who expect them to open doors, pay the cost of a date, or other gentlemanly courtesies.

The sex industry complex is complete. Sexologists recommend sexual promiscuity and big pharmaceuticals reap the rewards from resulting psychosexual disorders. The myth that semen is nutritious for you was only fabricated to encourage more promiscuous behaviour.

'Porn Generation' written by Ben Shapiro explains that pro-pedophile organisation NAMBLA (North American Man Boy Love Association) salutes Kinsey's work on child sexuality - for obvious reasons. In the 'Journal of Pedophilia' children and collegians are taught that it's harmful to thwart a child's sexuality. This is a dangerous lie and a complete miseducation. It becomes the hive mind of the next generation of parents, teachers, doctors, social workers, lawmakers, law enforcement, judges, journalists, writers and presidents, changing societies attitudes, beliefs and behaviours forever. As we can see when we look around today, this has been an absolute disaster.

In 2008, a Texas School Website showed that kindergarteners were taught sexual intercourse at the ages of seven and eight - pedophilia, mutual masturbation, and oral sex at age nine. By seventh grade at age twelve, they were taught anal sex, impotency, sex toys, S & M, and bestiality, in an attempt to present it as normal and acceptable. Planned Parenthood wrote in 1996:

"The solution is to teach young people how to experience sexual pleasure, instead of teaching them not to have sex.....don't rob yourself of joy by focusing on old-fashioned ideas about what is normal or nice."

In a Brave New World , Huxley said that the State could control the people if it could train school children to have sex. George Orwell said the exact same thing about pornography. Abstinence programs (refraining from sex before marriage) are effective in reducing sexual behaviour and always were. Hollywood was very clever in their portrayal of the abstinence teacher (Tim Curry) in the film - as a biography of Kinsey's life played by Liam Neeson, titled 'Kinsey'. They presented Curry in the film as a narcistic arrogant arsehole, while painting Kinsey - the new hero of sexuality - as a charismatic, disinterested genius just looking for the facts. After having reviewed this film to analyse the legitimacy of it, I can assure you that had you not known Kinsey in his true form, not only would you have warmed to his character, you would have likely been on board with his ideologies too! They didn't mention the child data AT ALL during the whole film, nor did they disclose Kinsey's own perversions. This was clearly intentional - an attempt to throw people off the truth of this man's research, and legacy.

Abortion is a gold mine for Planned Parenthood (PP) with an entire industry built from it. Facilities, pharmaceuticals, pills, potions, therapeutic services, and scores of 'medical professionals'. The economics of abortion is based upon the earlier girls had sex, the more babies created, therefore more to be aborted. Planned Parenthood make billions through the abortion industry through organ harvesting and selling aborted fetal tissue for use in vaccinations and the processed food industry. The tax-payer funds millions to Planned Parenthood. Without teen fornication on the increase, PP would drastically shrink. Since the late 1960's PP has disguised titillating and Kinsey based sex training as 'sex education' for the 'benefit' of millions of children.

Physical sexual abuse of students in school is likely more than one hundred times the abuse by priests. Teachers were Kinseyan trained sex educators. The Education Workforce Council found similar in America in 2003. The study found that 20% of girls and 8% of boys were sexually harassed by an adult at school. A survey of high-school graduates showed 17.7% of males and 82.2% of females reported sexual harassment by faculty and staff, with 13.5% of those surveyed who said they'd had sex with a teacher. Predators seek out places of access to children - schools, libraries, youth clubs, youth leaders, coaches, and churches.

Pornography seduces and habituates educated men and women. Children are increasingly at risk from a growing molester constituency. According to SESAME (Stop Educator Sexual Abuse Misconduct and Exploitation) Educator sexual abuse has increased with the mainstreaming of pornographic stimuli. We're in an era of serious sexual addiction and dysfunction. There is also a huge lack of information or understanding about female sex offenders - there are many of them unfortunately.

Libraries are also a hot spot for offending too. Pro-pedophile group NAMBLA (North American Man Boy Love Association) held their meetings in libraries across America. Big pornography has publicly funded the ALA (American Library Association) who often acts as a friend to big porn in court cases. They argued in case 'New York V Ferber' (Ferber are a child porn distributor) that filming for-profit child sexual abuse qualifies as 'freedom of expression'.

In 1993 in San Francisco, the ALA allowed NAMBLA to use their library for a meeting place, which was a regular monthly occurrence - not a counselling session, quite the opposite - a place they could meet inconspicuously while they shared stories and images of young boys and discussed their wishes and experiences! Playboy also gives substantial amounts to the ALA, even with the legislation, they still refuse to remove explicit content. Sex acts in library bathrooms are common. People were using the computers to watch pornography, then masturbating. There are many examples in 'sexual sabotage' given about sex offenders in libraries.

In the Shakeshaft Study it was concluded that 10,667 youths reported sexual abuse by priests in more than five decades between 1950 and 2002, while roughly 290,000 youths endured some sort of sexual abuse by a public school employee in just one decade, between 1991 and 2000. More than one hundred times greater. However, the media has been relentless in catholic priest abuse, and worryingly silent on educator abuse within schools. During the 40's and 50's many of the churches were infiltrated with key sexuality advisors, who became entrenched protagonists of Kinsey pathologies.

John Money - father of gender identity, advocated pedophilia. He said that his clinic at John Hopkins University was designed to offer a 'leeway to judges' to free convicted child molesters. He further offered that adult sex with children is normal and often beneficial, stating that he would never report anyone regarding pedophilia. Money was a dedicated Kinsey disciple and mentor for June Reinsch - Director of the Kinsey Institute from 1982 to 1993, who claimed that they could cure pedophilia through psychiatric treatment. By 1988 at least eight men were convicted of sexually abusing children while under 'treatment'. Sex offenders always reoffend, and sex therapists are easily conned by predators. Officials maintained they weren't legally required to make such [abuse] reports and they argued that doing so would violate doctor-patient confidentiality. Every sexual trauma has skyrocketed since Kinsey's sex industrial complex.

The AIDS fiasco gave the sex education lobby a blank cheque. Purporting to save lives, the 'experts' promoted every form of deviant sex. Kinsey and his disciples control 95% of all college texts, reports, essays, and opinion on sexuality from 1948 until today. Kinsey's message to fornicate early, fornicate often, fornicate in every way possible is now legally and socially entrenched. His fraud claimed widespread promiscuity - spawning the sexual liberation movement and an epidemic of divorce that in turn increased child abandonment, child crime, and child victimisation.

French pedophile judge Rene Guyon of the Rene Guyon Society whose motto is 'Sex by Eight or It's Too Late' - argued that chastity was abnormal, but any sex act - anything at all - was normal. The sexual revolution began with child sex abuse.

The Hefner cult picked up the baton as playboy sought to conquer virginity -and women - with thousands of seduction, rape, and gang rape jokes, stories, and cartoons for American men, and our future and national leaders. Rape rates, like sexual orientation, fluctuate depending on the belief system and the stimuli within the culture at any given time. This proves that it is NOT natural, or it would remain constant.

Pre-Kinsey rape was up there with murder and was aggressively prosecuted. Post-Kinsey era changed it to victim blaming. Millions of adult and child rape victims are a legacy of the Kinsey institutes sexual revolution. There is now a statute of limitation. Such severe pre-Kinsey penalties protected women and children. In 1998 an analysis of 'rape in America' by the Department of Justice identified 64% of forcible sodomy victims as boys under age twelve.

Kinsey purposely left out data on the origins of prostitution by the thousands of prostitutes he interviewed. Being sexually abused young (incest) didn't fit the narrative of childhood sexuality being harmless. Kinsey hid what he knew about their tragic lives. He cherry-picked the information that went into his publications. He called boy prostitutes in Italy 'handsome young Italian boys' and argued they were engaged in sex for 'pleasure'.

Wardell Pomeroy's IASHS has long advocated in legalising child pornography and prostitution of any age stating they would 'legalise adult-child sex, incest, child prostitution, and child pornography, providing that such practices are 'consensual'. Children became prey for child sex traffickers. Pomeroy also stated;

"It is time to admit that incest need not be a perversion of a symptom of mental illness. Incest between children and adults can sometimes be beneficial."

In the 1970's the media ignored the sex trafficking of young boys, however one reporter - Robin Lloyd did report in 'For Money or Love. Boy prostitution in America';

"Perhaps half of the million runaway boys in this country (aged ten to sixteen) are peddling their bodies...There are tightly run organisations geared to provide wealthy clients with boys who [will] entertain movie stars, prominent athletes, politicians, and in some cases, heads of State."

They still advocate this today, while ignoring the fall-out of promiscuity, frigidity, depression, suicide, homosexuality, prostitution, and substance abuse.

Kinsey's 'diagnosis' that children suffered more harm from the reactions of repressed and hysterical parents, than from the abuse itself has been touted by sexologists and psychologists ever since 1948!

In 2010 child pornography generated three billion dollars in revenue with over 100,000 websites offering it. The APA (American Psychiatric Association) says 'no guilt, no disorder' which they use in actual court cases. The APA views 'mild' sadism and masochism as normal - the so-called 'experts' in the psychiatric profession say that torturing others is fine as long as it's consensual.

Reality finds that once sex is trivialised between adults - children become victims of adult sexual violence. Morris Ernst, Kinsey's friend and lawyer, friend of President Roosevelt, and of the U.S supreme court justices, called upon every bar association to use Kinsey's data to change sex laws based on 'scientific knowledge'. It worked - as we've previously discussed. By 1990, the American Bar Association reported 80% of convicted child molesters plea-bargained and served no prison time at all.

The ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) defended NAMBLA in a court case against a boy who was raped and murdered. The parents were trying to sue NAMBLA for two hundred million dollars. The ACLU argued that "holding the organisation responsible for the crimes of others would gravely endanger the first amendment freedoms." According to the ACLU, NAMBLA was a legitimate group with both educational and legal pornographic rape materials, that are part of 'traditional speech' - even if they are pictorial porn and obscenity. They clearly defend predators, while fighting the protectors of children, and are also paid by Big Pornography.

Kinsey's tables 30-34 in his publication 'sexual behaviour in the human male' is the definition of pederasty (the homosexual abuse and rape of young boys). Paul Gebhard (Kinsey associate and co-author of the Kinsey reports) said:

"We were amoral at best and criminal at worst. An example of our criminality is our refusal to cooperate with authorities in apprehending a pedophile we had interviewed who was being sought for a child sex murder."

Sexologists today still refuse to refute Kinsey. We have lost the voice of the greatest generation, committed to God, responsibility, self-restraint, sacrifice, and protection of women and children. Legislation of sodomy rested completely on Kinsey's false data. He is literally the definitive authority on sexuality!

Government agencies skillfully and systematically covered up terrifying ongoing increases in sex crimes against children for decades. In 1958 the FBI dropped child victims under age twelve from rape reports (these were the most victimised). They excluded all data on incest, sodomised boys, and rapes of girls. In 2000, the National Incidence Based Reporting System recognised this flaw and remains the only organisation to report the first ever nationwide statistics on child abuse, including under ten's. In a post-Kinsey sexual revolution, almost seventy out of one hundred sex-crime victims were minors, and one third of all child sexual abuse victims were under twelve.

* In 2001, 4,136 boys between five and twenty-four, committed suicide.

* 433,108 boys were victims of child abuse or neglect in 2001.

* Juvenile girl delinquency increased 182% in nine years.

* More than 2.7 million children were victims of criminal attacks in schools in 1997.

* Since 1999, foster care has held over half a million children, often abused.

All the institutions cover-up true figures for child sex abuse, even at the local level. Government reports continue to hide the facts. They're all cooking the books with the pressure to bring the crime rate down.

A police whistleblower once emailed Judith Reisman and said:

"You are right on target in your article about the rape of children [being downgraded and not counted if the victim is under twelve]. The crime category that isn't counted by the National Incident Based Reporting System [NIBRS] or is not in the public eye at that moment." - Lt Ponzi, Lt Grossman

Sadomasochism and violent sex has skyrocketed. Many children are viewing pornography and acting out sex acts on younger and younger children, usually siblings. This is no surprise. We are all aware that children's minds are like sponges, so it makes sense that if exposed to sexual violent stimuli, then it will indeed have a huge impact. This is true for all, but especially true for those who suffer with autism. Since Kinsey, victims often say that 'fantasy' turns into torture.

Heterosexual males mostly abuse girls, homosexual predators figure large in the abuse of boys. Older homosexual men often initiate boys into the lifestyle through pornography - to lower inhibitions, which is hugely effective. The media hides all this very well of course, actively promoting pornographers, while protecting them at the same time. This is because the sex industry is massive and very, very powerful. More powerful than the medical industrial complex, if you can believe it. It's always been protected against scrutiny, investigation, and prosecution.

Alfred Kinsey was the most effective and deviant sexual philosopher in human history. He was the first acclaimed American scientist to insist that virginity is unhealthy, that promiscuity helps marriages, pornography is constructive, obsessive masturbation and bestiality are never problematic, and children are sexual from birth and appropriate sex partners for adults.

There were some opposed to Kinsey and spoke out over the years but as with Dr Reisman, they were undermined by 'sexologists' and Kinsey's disciples - and protected by the authorities responsible for investigating and prosecuting.

Board Director of SIECUS and former director of Planned Parenthood Mary Calderone stated in 1980 that SIECUS was; "...teaching society the vital importance of infant and childhood sexuality." She went onto say; "child sexuality should be developed in the same way as a child's inborn human capacity to talk, or to walk."

Former director of the Kinsey Institute, June Reinsch claimed that children masturbate in the womb! Even though a massive percent of victims who are abused into early sexual behaviour become 'promiscuous' because of their trauma, Kinsey and his followers cite children's promiscuity as 'proof of the pleasure' they get from their violation. Twisted interpretations support the pedophile agenda. The Kinsey Institute still receives millions of dollars in state and federal funds, plus investments from big pharma and big pornography.

Current director of the Kinsey Institute - Julia Heiman is paid by the National Institute of Health (NIH) and the Sinclair Institute - an internet porn trafficker. Pandemic promiscuity creates profitable pornography addictions and a subsequent mass market for pharmaceutical impotence 'aids', and mental illness drugs. Big sexology benefits big pornography, which benefits big pharmaceuticals.

Big pharma wants the public to believe that if you're not having sex like a 'porn star' then you need their drugs and whatever they're selling. Surgeries to produce a tighter vagina (like a child) - shaved vaginas (appearance of a pre-pubescent child) increasingly accepted as the norm. Millions of normal males and females can no longer achieve orgasm without taking a pill, drugs, or watching pornography. Big porn and big pharma pay big sexology to increasingly eroticise women - the need to convince women they need a 'hot libido'. The sex industry is entrenched in our society, fully financed by Eli Lily, Pfizer, Ford, Rockefeller, and the porn industry, with state-supported research in schools and libraries.

Big pharma don't freely or easily inform people about the side effects of Viagra causing heart attacks. Between 1998 and 2002, the use of Viagra in men TRIPLED in under 45's and is also being used as a recreational drug.

The NIH gave hundreds of thousands to the Kinsey Institute. They couldn't find the money to look into the relationship between the MMR and regressive autism, but they had hundreds of thousands to fund people watching pornography.

Kinsey said that he had interviewed 21,000 subjects but he scrapped all but 4,500, that were specially selected. He destroyed three quarters of his sample and published this as 'science'. I find this absolutely astounding how this was ultimately passed off as one of the greatest scientific discoveries of all time! I describe Kinsey's shoddy methodology in my 'sexual revolution' blog. Obviously, now we know that the reason he was able to get away with such blatantly false and skewed data was because he was protected by the intelligence agencies - as well as promoted in the media as a 'hero'.

Kinsey received accounts of sex abuse from five headmasters of boy's schools in Princeton, who sodomised students and claimed that they 'definitely enjoyed the experience'. The Kinsey cult encouraged and covered-up sex crimes - from rape and incest, to sadistic murder, for decades.

John Money was also highly involved in the 'sexual development in childhood' along with many other pedophiles. He ignored all of Kinsey's child abuse data and even had his own special room in the Kinsey Institute, devoted to just him.

All sexologists are Kinseyan trained and all believe the same ideology. Scores of international academic institutions offer 'sexuality degrees' to students, who become the so called 'experts' in the fabricated, unnecessary field of sexology, and they end up absolutely everywhere, spawning their miseducation in all directions - teaching, lobbying, consulting, expert witnesses in court cases, writing papers and journals etc. Regardless of specialty, sexologists commonly shill for pornography, bisexuality, bestiality, fisting, all sodomies, homosexuality, transvestism, sadomasochism, prostitution, pedophilia, and pederasty - all while performing Kinsey's 'no-harm' mantra. Legitimising sexual deviancy keeps sexology as a valid field of 'academic' study.

Thousands of history, sociology, anthropology, law, health, medical, education, psychology and sexology textbooks and professors still regurgitate Kinsey's frauds and allegations as gospel. Sigmund Freud, Abraham Maslow, and Margaret Mead - none compare. His fraudulent data controls 95% of all college texts, reports, essays, and opinion on sexuality from 1948 until today.

Sexologists argue about erections in baby boys and lubrication in baby girls in order to sexualise them. Erections in boys happen for a number of different reasons, one of them being fear, which Kinsey himself admits in 'sexual behaviour in the human male' , including a long list of other reasons. Sexologists deliberately ignore that frightening sexual stimuli such as sex abuse and pornography, can prematurely disturb, emotionally arouse, and psychologically traumatise children.

Pornography wires sex and other images that children see into the brains pleasure centres and changes their brain maps neuroplasticity. When the reward centre in the brain is activated, it releases "feel good" chemicals, mainly dopamine, along with a protein called "DeltaFosB". Its function is to strengthen the neural pathway that dopamine travels, deepening the neural connection between the "buzz" we get and whatever we are experiencing when we get it. DeltaFosB is important for learning new skills. For example, if you keep practicing a golf swing until you get it right, you receive a burst of joy (dopamine release) while accompanying the release of DeltaFosB, which helps the brain to remember how to do it again. It's a very clever system.

But DeltaFosB is also responsible for making addiction possible. Addictive drugs activate the same nerve cells activated during sexual arousal, which is why we derive pleasure. We become addicted when DeltaFosB has re-programmed the brains reward system, and this is why addiction is so powerful. Since online porn is a sexual stimulus, we're all predisposed, so it takes much less rewiring for consumption to cause addiction.

An open, honest, and thorough investigation of the Kinsey Institute at local, state, and federal levels would end the funding of all Kinsey based institutions - from the institute itself all the way down to schools. There is still much information at the institute that has never seen the light of day, including thousands of letters unseen by anyone alive today.

In June of 2006, America's oldest conservative weekly - 'Human Events', asked a panel of fifteen conservative scholars and public policy leaders to list the ten most harmful books of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The top three picks were; 'The Communist Manifesto' by Karl Marx at number one; 'Mein Kampf' by Adolf Hitler at number two; and at number three was 'Quotations from Chairman Mao' by Mao Tse-Tung, which were all statist-communist books published in order to change the world. Number four was 'Sexual Behaviour in the Human Male' by Alfred Charles Kinsey. All four publications sought to deliberately destroy a nations moral and religious inheritance, attacking marriage and the family - the authority of a protective, providing father and a married mother.

Only Kinsey attacked the sexual innocence and sanctity of childhood. Him and his colleagues painted the greatest generations traditional values as promiscuous depravity. Since then we watched the children of WWII heroes - who believed Kinsey, believed the slander about their own parents - revolt against all moral authority, and decayed into the 'sex, drugs, and rock n roll' generation of the 1960's - spawning the porn generation now steeped in adult and kiddie porn, and parenting the child-sex-abuse generation of today. We've become degenerate, perverse, and violent.

Kinsey led the sexual revolution to eliminate babies, love, and family - to destroy our God-based morals, and to allow unfettered access to the bodies and minds of innocent children.

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