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Alfred Kinsey - Father of the Sexual Liberation Movement was a CIA asset.

If you are unaware of Kinsey's research, please read this comprehensive blog regarding the details of "The Kinsey Reports" which spear-headed the sexual liberation movement in the late forties and early fifties. I will give a brief summary of his work:

Alfred Kinsey was responsible for two "science" publications that shook the world back in 1948 and 1953 respectively. Kinsey and his team from the Kinsey Institute, Indiana University, collected "case histories" from eighteen thousand men and women about their sexuality. He published a quarter of this data in "Sexual Behaviour in the Human Male" firstly in 1948, followed by "Sexual Behaviour in the Human Female" in 1953. The Kinsey Institute destroyed much of the other three-quarters of the study sample, although still holds some of the data at the institute but refuses to disclose this information to the FBI (or perhaps it's the FBI refusing to acknowledge Kinsey's research for other reasons....)

Apparently, from this research, Kinsey had established that men and women were far more sexually active and promiscuous in reality, as opposed to what they disclosed to others, that many men engaged in homosexual acts, had premarital and extramarital affairs, and that sexual freedom, exhibitionism, and voyeurism should be celebrated. He stated that ALL sexual "urges" were natural and should be acted upon for "sexual health", and that everybody should engage in as much sex as possible with both sexes - and animals. As did he, a closet homosexual, and a perverted sadomasochist.

What isn't so well known is that Kinsey also claimed that human beings are sexual from birth, that "adult-child sex" (or child rape as it's better known) is normal and healthy, and that daughter's benefit from having sex with their father's, as it makes them better wives when they get married, therefore - an advocate for incest too. How did he get to his conclusion? How did he collect the data to prove it?

Kinsey engaged in all sorts of sexual acts during his life, he believed bestiality and "child-sex" was also normal. He made pornography photos and videos with his wife, colleagues and their wives, and students alike, whoever he could convince, during his time at Indiana University.

Kinsey’s own early death illustrates the problems that attend upon following his advice. Toward the end of his life, Kinsey’s role in his pornography films was reduced exclusively to demonstrating “solo” sexual techniques. He loved to exhibit his large sex organ and found bizarre ways to perform on camera. Kinsey Indiana photographer, Bill Dellenback often filmed Kinsey, “engaged in masochistic” self-abuse. Jones reports Kinsey inserting objects into his urethra, such as “a swizzle stick, the kind with a knob on the end.” Or he would “tie a rope around his scrotum, and then simultaneously tug hard on the rope as he maneuvered the object deeper and deeper” or “wrap the other end around his hand and climb onto a chair and jump off.”

Kinsey died, apparently of complications associated with “orchitis” which can be fatal, causing pain, swelling - usually due to gonorrhea, syphilis, filarial disease. Traumatic orchitis is orchitis following trauma. He’d had hundreds of violent partners, hence, many sexually diseased partners, as well as significant trauma at minimum to his testicles and urethra. The terrible trauma he inflicted on his sexual organs no doubt led directly to his untimely death. Unknown to the public, Kinsey's defense of masturbation as non-addictive was clearly due to his own addiction.

This then, is the pedosadistic psychopath who taught the world about sex, who started the sexual revolution, the field of sexology, school sex education, and its global curriculum.

Firstly, Kinsey's "sample" for adult sexuality came mostly from sex offenders, pedophiles, male and female prostitutes, and homosexuals (Roughly 86% of his interviewees were barred from military service for sexual deviance) He used a tiny subsection from the extremes of society and made it representative to the whole American male population. In doing this, he came to the conclusion that if all the laws at the time were enforced conscientiously, then 90% of the male population would be behind bars, and this led to a changing of the ALI-MPC (American Law Institute - Model Penal Code - "legal system") so that laws previously in place for the protection and safety of women and children - completely diminished.

Why did he state as "scientific certainty" that humans are sexual from BIRTH - capable of sexual desire and pleasure? As mentioned above, a large sample of Kinsey's "research" was collected from pedophiles. He used "data" from at least two pedophiles, who recorded every part of their inhumane torture and abuse of infants and children and sent the "results" to Kinsey - at his request.

This is absolutely unspeakable. You don't need a trained eye to see what was going on here! There was more than one abuser involved in this child abuse, as it later transpired that there were "observers with stop watches" recording this torture and abuse of children and infants as young as five months old! In a different table - the youngest is TWO months old.

Kinsey's research was - and still is the sole source for sex researchers all over the world. It was scientific fraud: unethical, criminal, torturous, and beyond horrific - although Kinsey has many disciples worldwide who believe he is the "scientist of the century" - hailed a marvel, and a hero.

All sex educators are trained in the Kinsey model, and have been since 1964. New Zealander sexologist John Money was a founding board member of SIECUS (Sex and Information Education Council of the United States - also funded by the Rockefeller Foundation) alongside Kinsey's closest associate and co-author in The Kinsey Reports - Wardell Pomeroy. During an interview with pro-pedophile journal 'Paidika' Money stated that "sex with young boys can be enriching and harmless." He continued: "If I were to see the case of a boy aged ten or twelve who's intensely attracted toward a man in his twenties or thirties, if the relationship is totally mutual.....then I would not call it pathological in any way."

Mary Calderone - Director of Planned Parenthood for eleven years before becoming a board member of SIECUS worked closely with Kinsey. She made a statement:

Programs of the future will probe sexual expression with same sex partners and even across generational lines. With a diminished sense of guilt, these patterns will become legitimate and the emphasis on normality and abnormality will be much diminished with these future trends.

Alfred Kinsey was on a mission - quite literally - to "liberate society" from sexual oppression and remove all of the taboos - by normalising them.

As mentioned earlier, Kinsey threw out 75% of his data (obviously due to huge distortion) - the results perhaps counter-active to his narrative and against the ideology he was funded to promote. People completely trusted scientists - we're trained from a very young age to believe everything stated as fact, as long as "scientists say".

The world recognised Kinsey as the worlds leading expert on sexuality - but why?

In 1932 - communist W.Z Foster predicted the destruction of Americas education, morality, ethics, science, art, patriotism, and religion, to establish a New World Order. In 1941 the Rockefeller Foundation (RF) started to fund a small-town taxonomist - turned "sexologist" Alfred Kinsey at the University of Indiana in Bloomington. Kinsey produced what he dubbed his "Kinsey Scale" which apparently proved the "fluidity" of sexuality.

CIA Connection to Kinsey.....

In 1946 Kinsey was partnered with 'Rockland Mental Hospital' - where torturous experiments were carried out on patients including many lobotomies and electroshock treatments, without knowledge or consent from the patients involved - many of whom were children and babies. There were 2,034 children sexually violated for the Kinsey Reports that were sourced from similar entities, as 82% of the child sex experiments match interrogation techniques used on terrorism suspects at Guantanamo Bay. Kinsey's sex work was part of a much broader agenda - for thorough social change. He was part of a system of organised crime - something much bigger than a solo scientist "just looking for the facts on human sexuality" - he was controlled via the CIA and the RF through a program titled "MK-ULTRA".

Nazi scientists were rescued from Germany under the supervision of a doctor at the psychological warfare unit called the Tavistock Institute. MK-ULTRA began in the mid-forties by the Tavistock Institute, CIA, and other British, American, Canadian and United Nations agencies including (but not limited to) Stanford Research Institute, Esalen Institute, MIT, Hudson Institute, Brookings Institution, Aspen Institute, Heritage Foundation, the Center of Strategic International Studies at Georgetown, US Air Force intelligence, and the Rand Corporation.

In this way, the brains trust of the Nazi scientific machine was secretly transferred to the USA.

These men and their families were provided with new names, issued with passports, and installed in the universities and institutions controlled by the CIA. The Rockefeller Foundation controlled the AMA (American Medical Association) and the APA (American Psychological Association) and were able to put the nazi's into positions of influence.

Financed by philanthropic grants for "medical research" hospitals supplied children and adults for human experiments using behaviour-modification-brainwashing techniques.

Equivalent of a million dollars today, funds were given to Kinsey between 1943 and 1953 for the Kinsey reports.

Kinsey's work was a charter for sexual hedonism and the consequences of it was intentional. He was a part of a big network of others - highly respected scientists who were engaged in similar unethical human experimentation. "Operation Paperclip" moved to America after the war - ensuring they had the eugenicists in place while they adopted the biggest ever PR campaign to hide their crimes titled "Operation Mockingbird" paid for by the CIA to infiltrate the media and put out fake stories and fake journalists to destroy the truth and promote their agenda. Through this program, Kinsey's criminality was obscured from view - and therefore scrutiny, he was protected. Any investigation into the Kinsey Institute has been obstructed by the agency and the RF.

Although Kinsey was somewhat a sickly child who spent many days in hospital, he was very active in his late teens/early twenties and would go on hiking trips and field trips all over America during his time as a zoologist. He was fit and active although was never called for National Service during the Second World War and neither were any of his associates - despite all being fit and able to do so - and being of the required age. While thousands of American men were fighting a real war, with many not returning home to their loved ones - Kinsey and Co were preparing to let off "an atomic bomb" of their own. While Americans were struggling, Kinsey's work on the apparent sexual behaviour of the human was being funded by the American tax-payer, alongside the RF and the CIA - and only those privy to this plan knew anything about it.

Due to the nature of so-called "self-stimulation" of genitals by the children in Kinsey's tables - Kinsey associate and previous Director of the Kinsey Institute Paul Gebhard said:

Some of these sources (referring to the abusers) have added to their written or verbal reports - some photographs....The techniques involved were self masturbation by the child, child-on-child sex play, and adult-child contacts chiefly manual or oral.

It's clear that these children had to be held down or strapped down for the abuse to take place. It was obviously forced. Look back at the table, some of these children were "stimulated" for hours at a time, one four year old little boy was "stimulated" for twenty-four hours! It's blatant that it had to be against his will!

Kinsey had access to children held in mental asylums 'Rockland State Hospital, New York' and Greystone Park State Hospital, New Jersey, who were both already fitted with restraints on the beds used for electric-shock "treatment" with sound-proofed rooms.

Kinsey was a master at word manipulation. He called child rapists sexual partners or adult partners; described "sexual contact" as penetrative abuse, and he called boy rapists (pedosadists) "observers" while clinically itemising the long list of symptoms of extreme distress as "orgasms" assuring the reader that children "derive definite pleasure from the situation". One of Kinsey's pedophiles - Rex king kept records of his abuse of 800 children and presented it to Kinsey. Gebhard said: "We made our point that children are sexual from birth."

Kinsey's definition of "orgasms" in children are: jerking of the body, going rigid, spasmodic, toes pointed, abdomen contracted, shoulders stiff, eyes glaring, hands grasping, mouth distorted, tongue protruding, convulsing and twitching, which perfectly describes a body subjected to electric shock treatment.

At the same time in 1941 as the RF was funding the Kinsey Institute, they also began funding scientists at Columbia University who were investigating the connection between sex and the brain. They began with $94,000 for "sex surveys" which continued for years so they could complete what they needed to in order to change societies attitudes and behaviours.

The three institutions responsible for a lions share of accrediting sex researchers and academic credentialing of sex educators in the USA were New York University, University of Pennsylvania, and the IASHS (Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality)

Albert Deutsch's "Look" magazine in 1951 stated that Kinsey - assisted by Pomeroy had been conducting an intensive study of sexual behaviour and attitudes - before and after operations performed on mental patients at Greystone and Rockland hospitals, that would take several years to complete.

Kinsey states in the female volume that they studied 95 patients who had been subjects (victims) for frontal lobe operations. He conducted and secured "case histories" before and after, which puts him among the RF-funded scientists conducting experiments at the time.

Author of 'A Brave New World' - Aldous Huxley admitted in 1962 that mental patients had been used in experiments aimed at investigating methods of mind control. Electrodes were inserted into the pleasure centre in the brain. Many of these patients were completely sane. These mind control techniques were not a secret, even back then.

Survivor Karen Wetmore's information confirms that experiments were sanctioned, commissioned, and coordinated by the government and administrative agencies that are supposed to protect the American public. In 1965 Karen was traumatised after being sexually assaulted at age thirteen. She was interned at Vermont State Hospital. Thirty years later she worked tirelessly to retrieve all of her medical records using FOI's to the U.S Public Health Service and others which showed that both hospitals she was at were funded by the Rockland Project. Most of the FOI's responses from the CIA that Wetmore had sent between 2013 and 2015 came back stating that they could not disclose the requested information because it was "classified". Attempts by Wetmore have been extremely difficult, slowed down and obstructed.

Medical records finally confirmed that Karen had been sexually, emotionally, and physically tortured by medical professionals - subjected to seclusion, straight jacketed, given dangerous drugs and electric shocks to force seizures. She slept on the floor without a blanket and was given LSD for long periods of time. Wetmore did have one friend "Janie" who was subjected to the same torture and died. Anyone who attempted to visit her in hospital was denied. It's shocking that she managed to build enough evidence that would eventually get her compensation in court.

Rockland State Hospital patients were stating abuse in the fifties. There was a graveyard within the grounds of the huge asylum where many patients were buried after losing their lives to psychotic scientists with nefarious agendas within those walls.

The children's ward was described as horrific. Here, children were heavily medicated and electrocuted. A video was found showing a boy in a straight jacket, two crumpled up small bodies lay on the ground, naked children drugged while another was being force-fed cereal - it turns out - laced with some kind of poison.

It's logical to conclude that Kinsey used the children at these hospitals for his experiments when we see the data in his publications - which also mention Rockland and Greystone. Kinsey worked with scores of scientists at both institutes. This type of abuse in these institutions unfortunately is not uncommon. The infants in Kinsey's tables were born to inmate mothers.

Rockefeller Foundation (RF) funded these brutal experiments in the U.S as well as Canada. Dr Ewen Cameron was the first director of the Allan Memorial Institute when he specialised in brain experiments involving adults and children. He rose to high ranks within the field - like everyone else who was funded by RF.

Procedures known as "physic driving" and "depatterning" that attempted to erase a patients memories and reprogram them with new beliefs and realities were performed on them. To qualify for funds they turned the catholic orphanages overnight - into mental institutions. Twenty thousand children were wrongly certified as insane. These children provided Cameron with as many experimental subjects as he desired. They were putting patients to sleep for a month and shocking them. They were completely zombified - any later compensation that was awarded after MK-ULTRA - accompanied a gagging order.

A letter identifies Dr Cameron as one of Kinsey's special "scientifically trained" colleagues who provided him information on children. Pomeroy mentions that Kinsey used "Dr Cameron's institute as a good source for human guinea pigs....Cameron favoured the scientific approach." The connection between the two of them dates from at least 1947.

Cameron in Canada made children available for abuse. One child was filmed on numerous times performing sex acts with high-ranking government officials. This was set up for blackmail to ensure further funding for MK-ULTRA experiments.

The "Artichoke Project" was another operation by the CIA which induced mind-control techniques to unwilling patients who were dosed with potent drugs, subjected to extremes of temperatures and sound, high and low pressure, oxygen, food, sleep deprivation, and electric shock "therapies". This became MK-ULTRA officially in 1953. As a side note, 1953 was when CIA asset Hugh Hefner began 'Playboy', one of the biggest key players in the sexual liberation movement.

Firstly, they used drug users and petty criminals - those who "wouldn't be missed" and wouldn't complain. Prisoners were also bribed. Six to eleven year old children with schizophrenia were given LSD every day for six weeks, force fed cereal with uranium and radioactive calcium, which were also consistent with Rockland and Greystone Hospitals.

Brothels were set up to demonstrate how a combination of sex and drugs impacted on men's willingness to divulge secrets. By the mid-fifties these experiments were in many hospitals across the USA, Canada, and Britain. MK-ULTRA spymaster who headed the program - Sidney Gottlieb and his team consisted of obsessed chemists, coldhearted spymasters, grim torturers, hypnotists, electro-shockers, and nazi doctors. It remained in operation for at least twenty-five years and in 1973 the director of the CIA ordered the MK-UKTRA files to be destroyed. However, in 1977, two thousand MK-ULTRA documents were found that were filed separately.

In 1980 it was reported that the CIA directed research projects at Columbia University in the fifties and sixties, channeling funds through "independent" organisations such as the "National Science Foundation" who also funded Kinsey. Declassified information shows the "Society for the Investigation of Human Ecology" was also funding the Kinsey institute at Indiana University and the person responsible for monitoring this was Gottlieb himself!

Kinsey's work, orchestrated by RF - funded and protected by the CIA explains the failure of the CIA and the FBI to investigate Alfred Kinsey's research. They arranged access to the children he needed for his experiments and ensured his immunity from exposure or prosecution. Kinsey tortured - and possibly killed children in mental hospitals with the blessing of the CIA!

The CIA perfected mind control by 1954 which is documented in declassified files. MK-ULTRA is still here today, although not in its original name. Today they use subliminal messaging, implants, and secondary personalities to alter everything the selected human does. E.I.T (Enhanced Interrogation Technique) is used to force masturbation by self or others, and Kinsey used these patterns to populate his child tables in his publication 'sexual behaviour in the human male'. Of the twenty-eight E.I.T CIA torture techniques, Kinsey and his pedosadist colleagues used twenty-three of them on 2,034 children.

To date, Kinsey's work has been hidden and shielded from official investigation and he has been protected for decades. Kinsey himself has been consistently and wildly misrepresented as a hero to the public. In 2014 the Kinsey institute won UN consultative status for "educational materials" and is still publicly funded today. Kinsey is still regarded as a hero of science, and his fraudulent conclusions continue to be misrepresented as a historical moment of scientific break-through.

An investigative journalist reported the smear campaign against Judith Reisman - paid for by playboy and penthouse, at a cost of between $50,000 and $75,000 per month for two years in an attempt to destroy her reputation and her research. Reisman was put in front of congress THREE times during this period while they attempted to discredit her work on Kinsey and the dangers of pornography. Hefner even brought a libel case against Reisman in 1994 but he lost and the media unsurprisingly barely even mentioned it.

Clear evidence of criminality has been repeatedly ignored by the authorities normally responsible for initiating such investigations, which only demonstrates the power behind this dangerous agenda.

The Truman Administration allowed experiments on hundreds of pregnant women who were fed a radioactive form of iron in drinks to learn about their blood. These were mostly performed at Vanderbilt University Pre-natal Clinic between 1945 and 1949. Several children died. The Energy Department says about 16,000 men, women, and children were used in radiation experiments from WWII through the mid-seventies - without consent from the victims.

A sixteen year-old Harvard student-turned terrorist was created in the 1940's through psychological programming. From 1954 for three years, every week for 200 hours - six young "volunteers" were given LSD and subjected to deliberately destructive psychological conditioning. During the process:

The candidate was given a grilling cross examination on details of his story in an attempt to confuse and disquiet him as much as possible. All subjects become, to varying degrees, both anxiously and angrily involved in this stressful situation.

They ground down his ideals and beliefs turning him from a gifted young student with a bright, hopeful future - into an unhinged serial murderer. RF funded this study. The CIA finances psychopathic "scientists" to conduct unethical human experimentation. The scientist involved in this study (Murray) was also a beneficiary of the RF efforts to promote psychology in public policy.

In the 1940's through to 1953 a "highly respected" child neuropsychiatrist in Belle Vue Hospital in New York experimented extensively with electro-shock therapy on children diagnosed with autistic schizophrenia. At least one hundred children from ages three - twelve were experimented on, although it's likely double these figures in reality. "Project monarch" used extreme trauma to induce multiple personality disorder, renamed "dissociative disorder".

The Rockefellers are part of the eugenicist movement to help establish a one world government under the control of the elite oligarchy. Aldous Huxley said: 'The ultimate revolution, it might be possible to teach the people to love their servitude.' RF funded brain studies, behaviour modification, mind-control, psychological warfare, trauma studies, and sexual trauma - for global population control.

Employing money as the carrot, defense agencies [CIA backed by RF] hijacked chemical, biological, and social sciences - so that "intellectual elites" could create this new "democratic man".

Robert Morrison, RF medical director said "we consider the Kinsey institute financing one of the most significant things we ever did."

Tavistock and operation paperclip saved nazi scientists. In 1913 the organisation that later became Tavistock was formed for the purpose of using science to develop tools for mind-control - largely unknown until Dr John Coleman - a former MI6 agent wrote his book 'The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations, Shaping the Moral, Spiritual, Cultural, Political and Economic Decline of the United States of America.'

The project was initially funded by the British Royal Family and then later by the Rothchilds. In between 1941 and 1945 during the war, Tavistock was tasked with working to destabilise Germany. At the end of the war they sent trained brain-washers to America for mind-control (MK-ULTRA). It was through Tavistock that the CIA was able to arrange the transfer of german scientists to the U.S through operation paperclip. Tavistock was a social engineering program - international communism funded through the RF. Muller, Harry Benjamin, Rene Guyon, and Kinsey all agreed with the social engineering programs advocated by the globalist eugenics movement - with the need to destroy religion, encourage sexual licence, and enforce sterilisation of "inferior stock". The eugenicists admit what they do, it's not a "conspiracy" - it's very well documented.

The brother of Aldous Huxley - Julian Huxley, became the first director of UNESCO (United Nations Education and Scientific Cultural Organisation) he explained that the purpose of UNESCO was:

" help the emergence of a single world culture, with its own philosophy and background ideas, and with its own broad purpose. This is the first time in history that the scaffolding and mechanisms for world unification have become available....two opposing philosophies of life confront each other from the West to the East. You may categorise the two philosophies as two super nationalisms; or as individualism versus collectivism; or as the American versus the Russian way of life; or as capitalism versus communism; or as christianity versus marxism, or in a half-dozen other ways. The fact of their opposition remains, and the further fact that round each of them are crystallising the lives, and thoughts, and political asperations of hundreds of millions of human beings. Can this conflict be avoided, these opposites be reconciled, this anti-thesis be resolved in a higher synthesis?...I believe not only that this can happen but that, through the inexorable dialectic of evolution, it must happen. Only I do not know whether it will happen before or after another war..."

Julian Huxley was also a eugenicist, they are always involved within the same circle of organisations; Rockefeller Foundation (RF), Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), Tavistock Institute (TI), United Nations (UN), Population Council, Bilderberg, Club of Rome, and the Trilateral Commission - all globalist organisations. They use their enormous wealth to direct public policy right through government, through NGO's (non-governmental organisations)

This is who J.F.K was speaking about during his most famous speech;

David Rockefeller frankly admits their goal in his 2002 memoire:

Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as ‘internationalists’ and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure – one world, if you will. If that is the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it.

They have complete control of the media, hence how they managed to keep this from the public for a long time while influencing the law, education, policy and medicine. In 1978 during a commencement address at Harvard it was stated:

"The press has become the greatest power within the western countries, more powerful than the legislature, the executive, and judiciary. One would then like to ask: by what law has it been elected and to whom is it responsible?"

and the famous quote from Malcolm X:

"The media is the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that's power. Because they control the minds of the masses."

The Rockefellers use services for ongoing Public Relation (PR) campaigns to maintain the image of benevolence and generosity. David Rockefeller thanked the media during a Bilderberg meeting in 1991 for their part in presenting the elites as saints while hiding their crimes, for without the help of the media, their plan would not have been possible:

“We are grateful to the Washington Post, the New York Times, Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost 40 years......It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subjected to the lights of publicity during those years. But, the world is more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The supernational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national autodetermination practiced in past centuries.”

In 1915 twelve men including JP Morgan and Rockefeller selected 176 newspapers - purchasing control of 25 of the greatest papers worldwide. Editors were furnished for each paper by these powerful men to 'supervise' and edit information vital to the interests of the purchasers. At the end of WWII, full control of the mass media in the Rockefeller interest was managed by the CIA through 'Operation Mockingbird'. Through strategically positioned editors the CIA recruited 3,000 operatives and 400 journalists on the RF/CIA payroll through the media. This completely explains the mass media censorship.

Edward Bernays (Sigmund Freud's nephew) the "father of spin" established a fund to finance 'a propaganda play that fought for sex education' and which RF contributed. In his 1929 book, Propaganda, Bernays explained:

"The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power over our country … We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of … In almost every act of our daily lives, whether in the sphere of politics or business, in our social conduct or our ethics thinking, we are dominated by the relative small number of persons … who understand the mental processes and social patterns of the masses. It is they who pull the wires which control the public mind."

In the 1940's, supervising psychiatrist Dr Soblen of Rockland Mental Institution was well-positioned to be a useful tool to foreign powers. Psychiatrists were often recruited by the Soviet. There is no better way to learn secrets than on the consultation couch....

When Polish pedophile nazi - and Kinsey associate Fritz Von Balluseck was convicted of the murder of a 10-year-old girl in 1959, Kinsey's name was all over the German news but absolutely nowhere to be seen in the American press, despite America's elite and media being intensely interested in promoting him and his sex research.

Balluseck was charged with 33 counts of indecent acts with minors or of having made them endure indecent acts. This case was kept quiet at the time due to danger of "public decency". They didn't even need the witnesses to come to court because Balluseck had kept such detailed and clear reports of his abuse to them. The judge on numerous occasions had to stop - he said; "it is so painful to have to read this." We can only imagine the details of those reports, traumatising to even read, never mind to experience. What came out of those diaries was referred to as "indescribable".

He recorded his crimes against at least one hundred children in the most torturous detail. He sent the details of his experiences regularly to Kinsey - at his request. He also kept up a regular and lively correspondence with Balluseck, who cut out Kinsey's signature and stuck it neatly in his diary. He reported many more assaults to Kinsey between 1952-1954, the only warning that was given to Balluseck within their communications was to "be careful" to not to get caught by the authorities. This was highlighted within the first afternoon of Ballusecks trial. Despite their close relationship - they decided not to report on it, demonstrating the full force of the American mainstream media to censor the truth. They turned an unexceptional mind into a superstar.

Alfred Kinsey was a eugenicist, atheist, adulterous, misogynist, committed racist, wreck-less bisexual and homosexual, addicted masturbator, masochist, pornography producer and performer, and a mass pedosadist. He called for sterilisation of 10% of the population and the CIA/Rockefeller cabal built public trust through positive propaganda campaigns through well-oiled PR campaigns that presented Kinsey - a psychopathic pedosadist as a disinterested, credible and heroic man of science.

The editor of 'Look magazine' (Deutsch) was supposedly an investigative journalist, although it's obvious that he was hired as PR. He compiled and edited a book of fourteen chapters each written by an outstanding person in a chosen field - to report their reactions to the Kinsey Reports from various aspects; anthropological, religious, sociological, and psychological etc - which helped produce the impression of a wide academic acclaim for Kinsey's work. This is rather difficult to believe as they claimed they each read the full 804 page publication of the male volume (sexual behaviour in the human male) and provided responses with enough time for it to be proof-read and edited by May 1st, barely four months after publication.

Women's magazines encouraged readers to read Kinsey's female version (sexual behaviour in the human female) on how to raise their children sexually, how to please their husbands and how to evaluate themselves as sexually healthy women! Reassuring parent's that if they discovered that their daughters have been sexually fondled by strange men, to do absolutely nothing at all and to remain calm because it's the parent's reaction to molestation that is traumatic for the child, not the sexual abuse itself. This is what Kinsey stated in his reports as fact and has since been adopted by many sexologists and others around the world, including Tom O Carroll - founder of the Pedophile Information Exchange (PIE).

"If a child were not culturally conditioned, it is doubtful if it would be disturbed by sexual approaches…It is difficult to understand why a child, except for its cultural conditioning, should be disturbed at having its genitalia touched, or disturbed at seeing the genitalia of other persons, or disturbed at even more specific sexual contacts. When children are constantly warned by parents and teachers against contacts with adults … they are ready to become hysterical as soon as any older person approaches, or … fondles them … experienced students of juvenile problems … believe that the emotional reactions of the parents, police officers, and other adults … may disturb the child more seriously than the sexual contacts themselves. The current hysteria over sex offenders may very well have serious effects on the ability of many of these children to work out sexual adjustments some years later in their marriages."

The marketing of Kinsey's work has been exceptional, with more than 25,000 pieces publicised in journals, magazines, and articles etc - has been incredibly clever. RF media blanketed America with cartoons, headlines, photos, and films giving the message that Kinsey's declarations, although utterly shocking, were also completely reliable. The impression of credibility was strongly supported by the fiction that Kinsey was the embodiment of 'respectful family man' with bisexuality and sadomasochism airbrushed out of the picture and presented to the world as a disinterested scientist.

Kinsey received an annual salary at Indiana University of $10,000 and $40,000 per year for life from RF funds. He was manufactured, his 'discoveries' fully commissioned because they served the RF/CIA/cabal interest in destroying morality and the social fabric of America and subsequently the western world. The sexual revolution brings about national, cultural, moral, legal, religious, and familial deconstruction.

Pedophilia is how the deep state recruits and controls people, it's always been this way as it's very effective. Enticement and blackmail have remained essentially unchanged for decades. Kinsey had much information to expose others. He liked secrets, it gave him dominance and power over people.

Hugh Hefner was a CIA mole for blackmail purposes. Every room in the playboy mansion was bugged. There was a network of tunnels underneath the mansion leading to the homes of very prominent A-List Hollywood actors; Jack Nicholson, Warren Beaty, James Caan, and Kirk Douglas. Roman Polanski used Nicholson's home to drug, rape and sodomise a thirteen-year-old girl. He knew he was protected, he frankly stated in an interview in 1979; "Judges want to fuck young girls - everyone wants to fuck young girls."

The CIA was interested in identifying tendencies towards self-centred sexual behaviour which includes masturbation and promiscuity, to control different personality types. Use of pornography for social control has been known for a long time, especially resurfacing in the 1950's. Playboy enterprises bases its reputation on promiscuity, and its business on masturbation aids. Playboys strategy was four-fold;

1) Sexually stimulate readers.

2) Encourage orgasms by normalising masturbation.

3) Discourage marriage.

4) Glorify promiscuity/recreational sex.

The reason everything got brushed under the carpet was because, like Kinsey, Hefner was also a CIA asset - as was Jeffry Epstein who used the same pattern of crime, blackmail and shady exchanges of very large sums of money, without any investigation. If the Cox or Reece Committee uncovered Kinsey's sex crimes against children, as it should have, it would have exposed the RF and CIA to mass publicity, arrest, prosecution, and so much more. Every effort to expose the CIA failed. They were way too powerful with powerful people in high places pulling the strings. The church committee did however expose the MK-ULTRA program.

Dr Reisman's investigation on the effects of pornography for the Department of Justice conducted between 1983 and 1985 became very dangerous for the sex industry. One minute Judith Reisman was a recognised, reliable professional with major explanations of the significant increase in sex crimes, and then, the next minute - called in for three congressional hearings, as explained earlier, who were devoted to mischaracterizing her credentials and claiming inadequacy of her research. This was obviously fully supported through a media campaign, and well-funded to protect the interests of the pornography industry.

This enormous media campaign to discredit the Reece Commission on the harms of pornography was unfortunately successful. All media, congressmen, and politicians were lobbied. Press conferences, and spokespersons on TV and Radio all closed ranks in an attempt to destroy Judith Resiman's reputation and her work. The pornography industry got away with it!

Kinsey beckoned three generations to follow 'science' in a new direction which departs radically from traditional morality consistent with the human instinct for self-preservation, and scaffolds the intact nuclear family, which albeit imperfectly, has always served as the most effective form of protection for children.

"When the American youth is obsessed by sex through-out his waking and sleeping hours, it is all the easier to pull the steel helmet over his ears and the wool over his eyes."

A fatherless, dislocated, rejected, confused, and traumatised generation has been formed into foot soldiers of the new world order, weaponised to tear down the democratic institutions that stand in the way. We truly are witnessing the fall-out of this horrific agenda.

Attorneys, plaintiffs, and judges quoted Kinsey many times in court cases and gave judicial opinions to the press. Australian former High Court Justice, Michael Kirby, in his capacity as a member of the Board of Directors of the Kinsey Institute, summarised Kinsey’s achievements in this way:

"Dr. Alfred Kinsey is, in my view, one of the greatest scientists of the twentieth century. He is certainly one of the greatest scholars of Indiana University. His contribution to a “wider civilization” should not be understated. He should have more honor than he does, at the University, in Indiana, and throughout the nation. By his research and his ideas, he was a most powerful change-agent. And the process of change that he helped to put in place has by no means yet seen its course. At the fault line of ideas competing for human acceptance in the present age, Dr. Kinsey stands, beckoning us forward to greater rationality and knowledge about ourselves."

Scientific misconduct generates rampant damage to society. Once published, the information pollutes the stream of knowledge and perverts scientific process, and causes researchers to abandon potentially valuable lines of enquiry committing themselves to false ones. In 2003, the LA Times reported that over 94% of top NIH (National Institute of Health) scientists can earn millions, including stock options from biomedical companies to manipulate their research results.

Reducing penalties for sex offenses obviously reduces protection for women and children. The law was changed to declare sexual trauma as a 'trivial matter' - unworthy of significant punishment.

Kinsey's work did the following:

1) Commercial pornography was glamorised and commitment-free sex promoted, while making lots of money.

2) The Model-Penal-Code declared rape and sexual abuse of children to be trivial, and reduced criminal penalties accordingly.

3) Comprehensive Sexuallity Education (CSE) providers promoted (and still do) Kinsey's morbid sexualism to school children, creating the market for big pornography, big pharmaceuticals, and the abortion industry.

4) Allowed 'obscenity exemptions' in schools to facilitate the work of sexual predators by eroding a child's sexual boundaries and inculcating exotic sexual interests. Thereby, once again, conditioning school children to embrace the commercial offerings of big pornography, big pharmaceuticals, and the sex industry.

Despite everything happening today, and how obvious the agenda to sexualise children has become, we still haven't seen the worst of Kinsey's fall-out. Acceptance of pedophilia is almost here.................

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