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Child data of Kinsey's Tables - "Early Sexual Growth and Activity"

Chapter five of Kinsey's first publication "Sexual Behaviour in the Human Male" is the most harrowing of all. Included, are numerous tables of data that Kinsey and his associates collected for "research purposes" on the study of human sexuality in males from two months old through to age fifteen. A second volume was published five years later in 1953, titled "Sexual Behaviour in the Human Female".

Before I delve into some of the details from this chapter, please bear in mind that this "data" is fraudulent, unethical, criminal, highly disturbing, and based upon child sex abuse. The children within Kinsey's tables were tortured and sexually abused for hours on end. For more information on Kinsey and the subsequent "sexual revolution" that came from his work, please visit my other blogs: Sexual Revolution - Liberation or Devastation; Alfred Kinsey - Father of the Sexual Liberation Movement was a CIA asset ; Sexual sabotage - Pre/Post Kinsey era and the Destruction of the Greatest Generation ; and Pawns of the Industry

Through-out his publications, Kinsey refers to the child rapists as "observers", "contributors" and "adult partners" in an attempt to downplay their heinous crimes. He also refers to rape as "sexual contact".

According to Alfred Kinsey there are six chief sources of "sexual outlet" purely for orgasm and climax purposes; masturbation, dreaming, heterosexual petting to climax, heterosexual intercourse, homosexual intercourse, and contact with animals (bestiality).

He states that orgasms in males occur through ejaculation, although with children it can be without, which only highlights the fact that children are not capable of ejaculation, demonstrating that they are not developed for experiencing such acts, and therefore shouldn't be partaking. He goes on to say that orgasm is not so easily recognised because of the lack of ejaculate, and that the reason young boys don't ejaculate is because the prostate and seminal vesicles aren't functionally developed. Kinsey claimed the child still experiences erotic arousal and orgasm psychologically, the same as adults, and insists that the "contributors" to his child abuse tables supplied "reliable records of such experience". In other words we are to believe what the child perpetrator tells us about these "experiences" had with young boys, as factual. It's unsurprising that Kinsey accepted these accounts of apparent orgasm in children from child pederasts, because of his own sadomasochistic perversions.

Kinsey’s own early death illustrates the problems that attend upon following his advice. Toward the end of his life, Kinsey’s role in his pornography films was reduced exclusively to demonstrating “solo” sexual techniques. He loved to exhibit his large sex organ and found bizarre ways to perform on camera. Kinsey Indiana photographer, Bill Dellenback often filmed Kinsey, “engaged in masochistic” self-abuse. Jones reports Kinsey inserting objects into his urethra, such as “a swizzle stick, the kind with a knob on the end.” Or he would “tie a rope around his scrotum, and then simultaneously tug hard on the rope as he maneuvered the object deeper and deeper” or “wrap the other end around his hand and climb onto a chair and jump off.”

Kinsey died, apparently of complications associated with “orchitis” which can be fatal, causing pain, swelling - usually due to gonorrhea, syphilis, filarial disease. Traumatic orchitis is orchitis following trauma. He’d had hundreds of violent partners, hence, many sexually diseased partners, as well as significant trauma at minimum to his testicles and urethra. The terrible trauma he inflicted on his sexual organs no doubt led directly to his untimely death. Unknown to the public, Kinsey's defense of masturbation as non-addictive was clearly due to his own addiction.

This then, is the pedosadistic psychopath who taught the world about sex, who started the sexual revolution, the field of sexology, school sex education, and its global curriculum.

In chapter five, the childhood sexuality data, Kinsey describes in detail what he believes constitutes as an "orgasm" - there are six types and they include: jerking of the body, going rigid, spasmodic, toes pointed, abdomen contracted, shoulders stiff, eyes glaring, hands grasping, mouth distorted, tongue protruding, convulsing and twitching. What is being described here, is typical response to electric shock treatment and sexual abuse. As Kinsey was working closely with other "scientists" and psychotic doctors within the walls of Greystone and Rockland mental institutions during the time he collected his "case histories" of sexual behaviour, these descriptions are clearly cases of torture. In the publication, Kinsey assures the reader that these examples were given by "adult observers" who have had "sexual contacts" with "younger boys".

Pre-adolescent sex-play

In order to accumulate information regarding pre-adolescent sex-play as Kinsey called it, he claims he had conferences with "quite young children and their parents, and have also obtained material by "subjects" through direct observation of infants and older pre-adolescents." Remember, we now know that these children were mostly from mental institutions, where they were strapped down, electrocuted, and sexually abused. There were also two prolific pedophiles that Kinsey was working with who detailed every single part of their horrific crimes against children and sent it to Kinsey, at his request. For information about them, please read my blog on the sexual revolution where I break down and describe what these monsters did. These are the "observers" that Kinsey refers to through-out this chapter on "childhood sexuality".

Kinsey explains that he interviewed children under five years old and that parents apparently reported to Kinsey of their 2-5 year old's manipulation of genitalia, exhibition of genitalia, exploration of other genitalia, and some manual and occasional oral manipulation of genitals. I find this extremely difficult to believe for a number of reasons, although there were some instances where Kinsey's colleagues at Indiana University ended up abusing their own children and grandchildren using a stopwatch, and recording their apparent "orgasms" which was collected for Kinsey's tables. There is one such example in the documentary "The Kinsey Syndrome" under the pseudonym "Esther White" who remembers her father and her grandfather, who both worked at the university, sexually abusing her, using a stopwatch and noting things down.

However, this was back in the 1940's when America was still a predominantly Judeo-Christian nation with traditional values and morals. Being a conservative country, what parent would just allow a zoologist to come and interview their children about sex, and observe their babies in "sexual play" and the touching of their genitals? It doesn't ring true because it's not true. As much as Kinsey fluffs up his data in an attempt to make it seem as if it was on a consensual basis, it's clear that this didn't happen. We now know the truth about this whole agenda and how Kinsey's work was hidden and protected by the intelligence agencies. The infants in Kinsey's tables were the babies of female inmates at the mental institutions he was working in. He maintained that:

"Slight physical stimulation of the genitalia, general body tensions, and generalised emotional situations bring immediate erection, even when there is no specifically sexual situation involved."

Kinsey describes "non-sexual sources of erotic response" apparently disclosed to him by 212 boys. Those that were chiefly physical: sitting in class, friction with clothing, taking a shower, punishment, electric shock, skiing, fast-car riding, accidents, urinating, sitting in warm sand, riding horseback, and swimming. Chiefly emotional sources were: late to school, school tests, being asked to read in class, being chased by cops, big fires, anger, being scared, hearing gunshots, certain movies, band music, harsh words, punishment, fear of a bigger boy, adventure stories, finding money, being frightened, seeing females, sex pictures, sex jokes, nudes, physical contact with females, seeing genitals of males, and seeing animals in coitus.

The reason I've highlighted some of these examples is because Kinsey assures the reader within his publications that according to the "adult partner" (perpetrator) - the children of his tables "derive definite pleasure from the encounter" when referring to the sexual abuse that was committed. If a young boy can produce an erection when he becomes frightened or scared, then how the hell can he determine if it was because they were aroused and obtaining pleasure from the experience? Remember, this is 'as per the pedophile', who believe that these children are consenting participants, and will obviously present their twisted version of the facts to justify their sick perversions and abuse! I highlighted "sex pictures, sex jokes, and nudes" because child abusers use pornography as part of the grooming process, knowing it lowers inhibitions and can obviously cause arousal/erection. This is extremely confusing and traumatic for the victim as well as a very effective deterrent in young boys to not report their abuse. It's a biological response to sexual stimuli and doesn't mean that they wished for it to happen, or that they were enjoying their abuse. With regards to the "electric shock" example - this ties directly into the abuse and torture to many of the children within the tables by Kinsey and associates, at Greystone and Rockland mental institutions.

Kinsey follows these examples with: "should not be taken as incidence figures for population as a whole." I find this rather odd considering he maintained that his tiny subsection of the 'dregs of society' whom he interviewed for his study, was to represent the whole of the American male population! In other words, he changed his mind to suit his narrative when necessary. As it's clear that the examples given above include things he didn't agree with, or want the public to know, he decided we shouldn't take it as figures for the population as a whole.

Seventy percent of Kinsey's sex histories that contributed to his study admitted "sex-play" as pre-adolescents. However, he only interviewed a very small sub-section of the extremes in society, that is, those who were highly promiscuous and highly sexual. He interviewed mostly male and female prostitutes, homosexuals, sex offenders and pedophiles. He completely ignored the prostitutes childhood trauma which led to their early sexual activity and went on to state that it usually happens between the ages of eight and thirteen, although can be much younger. For many of them he says it's a single experience, one third of active males continue this sex-play for five years or more, and concluded:

"That the activity does not extend further is clearly a product of cultural restraints."

Homosexual Play

According to Kinsey, homosexual child play is found in more histories and occurs more frequently than pre-adolescent heterosexual child play. He claims that:

"The anatomy and functional capacities of male genitalia interest the younger boy to a degree that is not appreciated by older males who have become heterosexually conditioned."

He declared that about half of the older males, and two thirds of boys at the time they contributed, recall homosexual activity in their pre-adolescent years.

Firstly, Kinsey was a closet homosexual and sadomasochist. He wanted nothing more than to make homosexuality normal - more so than heterosexuality. Having interviewed mostly homosexuals, this conclusion is unsurprising, but represents Kinsey's own personal wants and desires, as opposed to reality. Secondly, he claims that older males don't appreciate homosexuality because by that time, they've been "heterosexuality conditioned". This is absolute nonsense. The natural order of things is heterosexuality, without it, humanity would cease to exist! This has also poured down through the ages since 1948 while sex educators attempt to "smash heteronormativity" within society, especially within the classroom. They are all Kinseyan trained, ALL of them.

The order of homosexual techniques according to Kinsey are; exhibition of genitalia, manual manipulation of genitalia, anal or oral contacts with genitalia, and "urethral insertions" - ironically, all of Kinsey's own perversions. Kinsey was a sadomasochist as explained earlier, he did these things to himself, he inflicted pain upon his own genitals in order to become aroused. He claimed that many boys exhibit his masturbatory techniques to a lone companion or whole groups of boys.

"Exhibitionism leads naturally onto the next stop in homosexual play"

He would know this wouldn't he? Being a proud exhibitionist himself. Kinsey asserted that youngsters need assistance in sexual matters from adults. Seemingly, it's considered highly important to learn masturbatory skills in life. This is the case today. We have a sex education mandated from age three to sixteen with no parental opt out. One of the things introduced to babies in school is "early masturbation" - ponying off the back of Kinsey's unethical, fraudulent "research". Here is a screen shot from the World Health Organisation document on sex education adopted by schools all over the world, including all four UK Countries. This is for ages 0 - 4. To read the full document, please click here.

17% of the pre-adolescents recorded in the Kinsey Reports had anal intercourse during homosexual play and 16% reported oral manipulation. Again, I just want to remind you that the children in Kinsey's tables were tortured through sexual abuse. He asserted:

"The anal and oral techniques are limited as they are because even at those younger ages there is some knowledge of the social taboos on these activities"

Kinsey believed that because of "cultural conditioning", that these figures are considerably understated. It's evident how much he desired this to be the case, but knowing the details of his insane ploy to change societies attitudes and behaviours through his sexual revolution, it's a completely false doctrine, and, a very dangerous one that has been adopted as fact through-out the whole world.

Heterosexual Play

Unsurprisingly Kinsey's belief from mostly collecting data from homosexuals is that heterosexual play doesn't occupy as much attention as homosexual play in pre-adolescent boys, although he asserts that the types of sexual play are the same, as described above.

"With lower level boys, pre-adolescent coitus may occur with some frequency, and it may be had with a variety of partners."

He speculates that the differences in social class is significant in any consideration of a program for sex education. Kinsey died in 1956, but he certainly got what he wanted. He'd be a very happy man to see the fruits of his labor today.

As Kinsey believed bestiality to be completely normal and a valid "sexual outlet" for orgasm he claimed: "Animal contacts are largely confined to farm boys" and that they have their first contact at around age nine. He continues, "In one third of cases, there is direct continuity between pre-adolescent and adolescent experiences with animal intercourse."

As you can see, he didn't spend much time on heterosexuality in boys because that wasn't the narrative he wanted to spin. His goal, backed up by the Rockefeller Foundation and the CIA - was to break down heteronormativity - and make normal, all other types of deviancy.

Pre-adolescent Orgasm

"Better data on pre-adolescent climax come from the histories of adult males who have had sexual contacts with younger boys and who, with their adult backgrounds are able to recognise and interpret the boys' experiences."

Kinsey is referring to pederasts here, those who abused and tortured little boys for their own gratification and tried to palm it off as "consensual" sexual experiences, it's sickening and gut wrenching. Hitting out, scratching, screaming, convulsing, and weeping are NOT signs of pleasure! Anyone who believes this has been completely desensitised. He refers to nine male subjects who "observed" such orgasm in pre-adolescent males, who he calls "technically trained persons" that kept diaries at Kinsey's disposal. Let's talk about two of those nine "observers" that we now know about.

Whilst Kinsey was a household name by 1957 (pioneer of sex education) other than the secrecy of the Kinsey team, no-one else knew that he was encouraging and guiding German Nazi pedophile Dr Fritz Von Balluseck as he sexually abused children. Would the public have widely accepted Kinsey's research on human sexuality had they known the origins? Would the Model Penal Code and the American Legal System have been changed to accommodate his findings?

Balluseck was a disgusting nazi pedophile, a child rapist who molested hundreds of children. Whilst occupying Poland, Balluseck was given a position where he could easily access children and the Nazi's were well aware. He told the little polish girls that they had a was either him, or the gas chambers. All of the girls ended up dead whatever they chose. He abused his own daughter and his niece when she came to stay. One of the school boys he used homosexually and who later offered his services to other men, got arrested, and related to the police how Balluseck taught him everything....even the most hardened court reporters were warned “even if you think the worst, it is still not as bad as the reality.."

He recorded his crimes against at least one hundred children in the smallest detail. He sent the detail of his experiences regularly to the US sex researcher, Kinsey. The latter was very interested, and kept up a regular and lively correspondence with Balluseck, who cut out Kinsey's signature and stuck it neatly in his diary. He reported many more assaults to Kinsey between 1952-1954. The only warning Kinsey gave to Balluseck within their communications was to "be careful" as in not to get caught by the authorities. This was highlighted within the first afternoon of Ballusecks trial.

"After a lengthy reading from Balluseck’s diaries, Dr. Berger (presiding judge in the case) exclaimed: “This is no longer human! What was this all for? To tell Kinsey about?” When asked by the judge why he even abused girls of 8 and 9, Balluseck retorted, he attained his goal more quickly with the younger ones, while the older ones often repelled him. In the course of the hearing, such horrible things were revealed that the participants in the trial breathed a sigh of relief when the trial was adjourned until Wednesday morning."

Balluseck was charged with 33 counts of indecent acts with minors or of having made them endure indecent acts. This case was kept quiet at the time due to danger of "public decency". They didn't even need these witnesses to come to court because Balluseck had kept such detailed and clear reports of his abuse to them. The judge on numerous occasions had to stop and said; "it is so painful to have to read this." We can only imagine the details of those reports, traumatising to even read, never mind to experience. What came out of those diaries was referred to as "indescribable".

Kinsey filmographer Clarence Tripp states in the documentary "Kinsey's pedophiles" when referring to Nazi pedophile Rex King whom was used by Kinsey for his "data";

"The children thought he was wonderful.... There was no force, no damage, no harm, no pain.... Well, there were two instances in which a young boy or girl – I think it was a girl— agreed to the sexual contact but then they found it very painful and yelled out when it actually took place. This was because they were very young and had small genitalia and [King] was a grown man with enormous genitalia and there was a fit problem."

If this doesn't make your stomach turn over then we have a HUGE issue. A "fit problem?" Absolutely SICKENING.

Dr. Robert Dickinson, Kinsey’s famous “mentor in sex research,” had collaborated with the pedophile [King] for several years, and taught him how to record his child abuse in scientific detail.

"Tripp reported: Dickinson taught him [Rex King] how to measure things, and time things, and encouraged him to—he knew he was going to do his ordinary behavior anyway, Dickinson couldn’t have stopped him from being a pedophile—but he said, at least you ought to do something scientific about it so it won’t be just your jollies, it’ll be something worthwhile, so he gave him some training by letter and correspondence. [Emphasis added.]"

Rex King was a World War II storm trooper who abused hundreds of children whom were at his disposal. He passed this "data" onto Kinsey of course and were likely included in Kinsey's samples for the Male and Female volumes. He was described as "Mr X" in Kinsey's biography before later learning his true identity (Rex King) after the documentary Kinsey's pedophiles was aired on TV in the 1990's.

"Out of 317 cases [King] records having to force cooperation on five occasions: aged 2, 4, 7, 10, 15 (Willy Price).... He likes to arouse boys... King records in the history the color, taste and smell of the semen. Also, when he can, examines adolescent semen for sperm.... Does it with mother and son... Some of his women masturbate their children for him....” [Gathorne-Hardy reads from record] "Experimented with baby.... Could take head of [male sex organ] in mouth easily.... His success in getting his huge range was, like Kinsey that he not only did not disapprove, he was happy to join in... seducing boys and men.... In a few minutes [the boy] was laughing and did not hold it against me. Fact is he seemed proud he had done it. I praised him and told him he was some kid to take a 7” **** down his throat and up his *** the same night.... [Got boys] round to discussing sex... excited them... [show graphic sex]. Listened.... They felt safe and warm and happy.”
[King] had sex with men, women, children and animals.... Nursery school people... parents... couldn’t give us the extraordinary detail that [King] did. It was illegal and we knew it was illegal and that’s why a lot of people are furious... they say we should have turned him in instantly... If we had turned him in it would have been the end of our research project." - (Kinsey_crimes and consequences)

The apparent orgasms "observed" in four month old babies by pedophiles was definitely pleasurable according to Kinsey - even though ejaculate wasn't produced. He said it's "a striking duplicate of orgasm in an older adult." Asserting that physiologic changes, rhythmic body movements with distinct penis throbs, and pelvic thrusts are part of pleasurable climax in children, is psychotic. He is describing the torturous effects of electric shock therapy - performed on many of the children in Kinsey's tables.

"A fretful babe quiets down under initial stimulation, begins rhythmic pelvic thrusts, tenses as climax approaches, thrown into convulsive action, sometimes weeping at moment of climax. After climax the child loses erection quickly and subsides into the calm and peace that typically follows adult orgasm. It may be some time before erection can be induced again after such an experience."

Kinsey's fraudulent and cherry picked information shows that 32% of baby boys between the ages of two to twelve months, 57.1% of two to five-year-old's, and nearly 80% of pre-adolescent boys between the ages of ten and thirteen, came to "climax" - half of them reaching climax by seven years old.

"The 'observers' emphasise that there are some of these pre-adolescents - less than one quarter - who fail to reach climax, even under prolonged, varied, and repeated stimulation but, even in these young boys, this probably represents psychologic blockage more often than physiologic incapacity."

Just to note, underneath the various table's of data in Kinsey's publications it reads:

"Observation with stop watch"

This only highlights the fact that these poor children were being abused and tortured by adults over prolonged periods of time. Just to clarify, this blatant abuse of infants became the basis for the phrase "sexual from birth" - which is how and why we now have a very dangerous so-called sex education in schools across the world from THIRTY-SIX MONTHS OF AGE.

"It is probable that half or more of the boys in an uninhibited society could reach climax by the time they were three, or four years of age.....there is a difference in climax depending on age....there are two year old's who come to climax in less than ten seconds and there are two year old's who may take ten, twenty minutes, or more.
Among 182 pre-adolescent boys, more than half readily reached a second climax within a short period of time, and nearly one third were able to achieve five or more climaxes in rapid succession.
Even the youngest males, as young as five months in age, are capable of such repeated reactions."

Take a really good look at this table......I am astounded that not every person that reads this information is not seriously disturbed, utterly disgusted and sickened by it. This table is documenting the actual sexual abuse of children and not enough people picked up on it to do something about it. Now we are in this total mess where we are almost at the stage of wide acceptance of pedophilia.

Kinsey goes on to assert:

"The existence of such an early capacity is exactly what students of animal behaviour have reported for other mammals - and it is therefore, not surprising to find it in the human infant....It must be accepted as a fact that at least some and probably a high proportion of the infant and older pre-adolescent males are capable of specific sexual response to the point of complete orgasm, whenever a sufficient stimulation is provided."

Chilling. Kinsey was a Darwinist, hence why he often refers to humans as a "human animal" in comparison of the way animals mate - sometimes quite violently, and often very young. We are spiritual beings created in the image of God, who has been taken out of society altogether. In order to breakdown traditions, values, and morals, God had to be removed from the equation - and he has been, Kinsey's work was just the beginning.

The chapter in "sexual behaviour of the human male" based on apparent "childhood sexuality" has had the most damaging affect on society worldwide, and barely anyone knows who Alfred Charles Kinsey is, or what his research was based upon. He is the sole resource for sexologists and sex educators worldwide. He is the reason that our children are being exposed to explicit sexual content, not just through the media, but through-out the education system too, and the biggest player in kick-starting the disaster that was "The Sexual Liberation Movement".

The world is in serious trouble, and we, as responsible adults have to step in the way to protect the next generations from this abhorrent degeneracy.

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