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The Father of "Gender Identity" - The John/Joan Case.

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

Most of this blog is based upon the findings from the book "As Nature Made Him, The Boy Who Was Raised as a Girl" By John Colapinto. Based upon real accounts of events from David Reimer (the boy who was raised as a girl) with Medical Records from throughout his whole life, Colapinto delivers a very powerful clearance to the belief that nurture is more powerful than nature, in the case of sexual identity.

On the 22nd August 1965 in Winnipeg, Canada, a pair of perfectly healthy twin boys were born to Ron and Janet Reimer.

At seven months of age, both boys, Bruce and Brian, developed "phimosis" - a condition where the foreskin becomes too tight around the penis, and were scheduled in to have a circumcision to correct the problem.

Unfortunately, during the operation, the surgeon burnt the phallus of Bruce Reimer in a tragic accident, leaving the infant with a burnt, small piece of crusty flesh, where his penis once was. His brother Brian's circumcision wasn't performed.

This was devastating for the Reimers. They couldn't understand how it could happen during a routine operation. Janet states that she assumed they'd use a knife, like the usual standard procedure, instead of the unconventional method using electricity. They watched in torment over the next few weeks as bits of what was left of Bruce's penis broke off in small pieces. Janet cried every time she changed Bruce's nappy and was in shock for almost a year. They were lost and didn't know what to do next. Their prayers were about to be answered. While they were watching TV one evening, they were drawn to a calm, well-mannered Dr of psychology, Dr John Money, who spoke eloquently and confidently about the current research and advancements in genital surgery for infants with ambiguous, damaged, or deformed genitalia.

John Money, born 8th July 1921 was a New Zealand psychologist, sexologist and author known for his research into sexual identity and biology of gender. He was one of the first researchers to publish theories on the influence of societal constructs of gender on individual formation of gender identity. He believed that we are "neutral" at birth, completely malleable, a "blank slate", but after 2 years of age, gender identity would be "fixed".

Money introduced the terms "gender identity, gender role, and sexual orientation" and popularised the term "paraphilia" - a condition characterized by abnormal sexual desires, typically involving extreme or dangerous activities. He is considered one of the "greatest sex researchers of the century" and had a very similar status to sex researcher and "Father of the Sexual Revolution" - Alfred Kinsey.

During my research into John Money, I noticed the striking similarities between these two men, (Money and Kinsey). They were very much alike in all ways, including their childhood and upbringing. Both had very strict, religious upbringings with a vexed relationship with their fathers, and were bullied as children. In later life, and into adulthood, both were powerful engaging public speakers, persuasive, charismatic and influential. Both men had a youthful ambition to become musicians and ended up as skilled amateurs. These were the things Money said helped him establish his lifelong rejection of "the brutality of manhood". He increasingly reacted against what he saw as repressive religious structures of his upbringing, championing open marriage publicly, exhibitionism, pornography and more. Exactly the same as Kinsey's belief, who promoted it throughout his own life.

The only difference between them was that Money didn't have children, he lived among an exclusively feminine environment, brought up by his mother and his spinster aunts.

Perhaps the most interesting and concerning similarity between these two very influential men, was their perverse interest in all things sexual. Being sexologists, this may sound ridiculous given their chosen careers, although there was something very dark and very sinister about their personal lives. This emerged in their attitudes and behaviour, and shockingly, managed to permeate every part of society with the same ideology, with disastrous consequences.

Like Kinsey, Money had many sexual partners, both men and women, was open about sex and would use vulgar terminology in front of colleagues and students; he liked the "shock factor" as did Kinsey. They indulged in the same sexual practices and had the exact same attitude regarding sexuality.

For a deeper look into Alfred Kinsey and why he is so important to this, please refer to my blog on the Sexual Revolution

John Money once appeared as an "expert witness" defending the 1973 pornography film "Deep Throat" which he praised as "cleansing" and would help keep marriages together. As we can see from real life, that was in fact a lie. Pornography is one of the most dangerous things in existence! Without going into this subject in depth, here are just some of the effects pornography has had on society and the mind. For more information regarding the pornography industry, you will find this here.

Since the introduction of widespread pornography; marriages are less; divorces are high and ever increasing; sexual offending has increased, along with an increased level of violence; younger and younger sex abusers; younger and younger victims; the introduction and increase of human trafficking, and child trafficking for "child porn" (child rape); addiction to porn (especially in children); causing severe mental health problems; desensitisation to sex; normalisation of sexual deviance and sexual violence; encourages early sexualisation and promiscuity; causes impotence and increased violence in men; plus much more......

A patient treated by John Money in the 1970's recalls being asked if he'd experienced a "golden shower". When he asked what it was, Money said flatly; "getting pissed on". Using words like "fuck, cock and cunt" into regular conversation with colleagues and patients was a common occurrence, because he believed it was important to desensitise people in discussing sexual issues.

Another patient with the pseudonym "Charlie Gordon" as a child, says that Money would question him closely about sex. Money used this person's story and wrote it up in a book, disclosing all of his private matters, without his knowledge or consent. "Charlie" tried to contact Money, but he refused to accept Charlie's calls.

In 1986, Money published "Lovemaps" - an exhaustive study on sadomasochism, coprophilia, amputation fetishes and autostrangulation. He called them not perversions but "paraphilias" in an effort to destigmatise and decriminalise. Kinsey was a sadomasochist and aggressively championed against the laws in place at the time. He wanted sexual deviance decriminalised, which in time, came to fruition a few years after his death. He died in 1956, but not before putting the wheels in motion to change many laws that protected both women and children, also spoken about in my blog on the sexual revolution.

Just like Kinsey, Money said;

"A childhood sexual experience such as being the partner of a relative or of an older person, need not necessarily affect the child adversely".

There are people who openly state this today. Peter Tatchell who calls himself a "Human Rights Activist", is an ambassador of "Educate and Celebrate", is currently championing to take parental rights away, regarding their children's education, in particular, sex education. Listen to Peter speaking in this video, where he states that not all sex with nine-year old boys is harmful.

During Money's research at John Hopkins in the "Psychohormonal Research Unit" that he alone set up, he received extremely large funding grants from the taxpayer, through the National Institute of Health. His reach and influence through academia and science, would help define the scientific landscape for decades to come. Many of his students went on to occupy top positions at some of the most respected universities, research institutions, and scientific journals in the country. One of them was Dr June Reinisch who was the Director of the Kinsey Institute for many years.

Money stated that in the formation of gender identity, prebirth biological influences, are secondary to the power of post birth environmental factors which override them. This is completely false, and this blog will explain why.

Janet Reimer's cry for help in her hour of desperation, was exactly what John Money was looking for. A "research" subject in Bruce Reimer, with the perfect control in his identical twin brother, Brian. After a phone call with John Money, Ron and Janet flew out to meet him. He explained to the young, scared parents that Bruce could be given a perfectly functional vagina, adequate for sex and sexual pleasure, and that they could raise Bruce as a girl. They were young, naive, and swept up by Dr Money, they trusted him and believed it was the only way to give Bruce a better life. He had convinced them so, and although apprehensive at first, with Money constantly pressing them for a response, the Reimers eventually agreed to the procedure, which, was to be, the start of a nightmare that never ended, an absolute tragedy.


After Bruce's operation on his genitalia at 18 months old, Ron and Janet chose a name that was as close to Bruce as possible. They chose "Brenda" and from that day forward, they started to raise Brenda as a girl, and socially transitioned her until she was old enough to have the rest of the necessary surgery, when her genitals were more developed. Neither twin knew anything about what had happened, obviously they were only babies, and it was to stay that way for some time.

Ron and Janet would try and coax Brenda into feminine things, grew her hair, bought her dolls and pretty dresses, as per Money's instructions.

Although Money persisted in stating that Brenda had "feminine ways" through-out her life, it was proven to be absolutely false. All accounts from family, teachers, clinic workers and relatives, demonstrated this the minute Brenda opened her mouth, how she moved, walked, gestured and behaved, were all male like.

Brenda reacted with terror on her first follow-up trip to John Hopkins at age four. The twins soon developed a conviction that their parents, doctors, and teachers were all colluding and keeping something from them. They were correct.

Brenda had a terrible time at school, her grades were failing miserably and she was always fighting and in trouble. She used to stick up for her twin brother and beat people up to protect him. This had a huge effect on Brian, as it was embarrassing for him having his "sister" stick up for him. Constantly being in fights, showing typical boy behaviour, Brenda was the leader of the pair.

Brenda's teacher said she would do the opposite of all the other children. She tried to play with girls but would end up organising and bossing them around, making them play cowboys and indians, until they no longer wanted to play with her. Brenda was also held back two years, remaining behind in her education. She didn't fit in anywhere and her life was a depressed, lonely one.

Janet didn't help the situation by reporting Brenda's "feminine ways" to Money. She was desperate for this to work, the alternative was too much, she wanted to believe she'd made the right decision and she trusted John Money, she felt guilty and listened to everything he said. Brenda could sometimes be feminine around her mother, but that was only when she was trying to please her. This obviously painted a false picture to Money himself. Regardless, Money knew about Brenda's struggles in school, and he even contacted them at one stage to intervene to stop her getting held back, although he never alluded to this publicly or even reported it.

Another publication by John Money, "Man and Woman, Boy and Girl" was considered the most important volume in the social sciences to appear since the Kinsey Reports. The twin's case was quickly enshrined in a myriad of textbooks, ranging from social sciences to pediatric urology and endocrinology, dubbed a complete success.

The twins had to visit John Money each year as a follow-up and to see how things were progressing. He repeatedly asked the twins about the differences between girls and boys genitalia, and how babies were born when they were very young. As they got older, the questions became more explicit;

"Do you ever dream of having sex with women?"
"Do you ever get an erection?
"I want to you show pictures of things that mums and dads do"

He believed that "children must understand from a very early age, the differences between male and female sex organs". Pornography, he believed, was ideal for this purpose. "Explicit sexual pictures (he wrote in his book) can and should be used as part of a child's sex education. The only thing wrong about these activities is not to enjoy them".

While visiting one of the Tribal Elementary Schools, Money heard a second-hand report from an eight-year old child that two six-year old's had engaged in sexual intercourse. He wrote and published a paper on it in the "British Journal of Medical Psychology". He hypothesized that western society's restrictions on such sex play in young children was highly detrimental, and was the root cause of such things as homosexuality, pedophilia, and lust murders.

A colleague on the same trip - Professor J E Cawte, who had studied this tribe for over thirty years said that he had never witnessed sexual rehearsal play among the tribal children, and knew of no other researcher who had. Nevertheless, Money stated;

"It has become very obvious to me that sexual rehearsal play is part of nature's absolute intention, in order to allow children to grow up to be sexually normal".

At age six, Money was forcing the twins into sexual positions, Brenda playing the role of the female, Brian the male. This is highly disturbing and was traumatic for the twins. He took pictures of them while engaged in this sort of apparent "therapy" as Money called it. I call it sexual abuse!

At age seven, Brenda began to strongly resist going to Baltimore to see John Money. She had to be bribed with a trip to Disney Land and at age eight, Money started to push her to the next stage of her "transformation" to a girl, to which Brenda flatly and consistently refused for years to come. She realised over time that she'd never be a girl no matter what anyone said. In the same year, Money introduced "sexual intercourse" to Brenda in detail;

"Alot of kids don't know that story", Money said when he had finished describing how the penis goes into the vagina. "The lucky kids who know about it are best if they don't talk about it too much. You're one of my favourite girls". He was clearly grooming her, she was eight years old.

Ron and Janet had absolutely no idea this was happening. Money was very different in their presence, as opposed to when they weren't around. He was calm, collective and kind, they knew no different. Brenda thought that her parents knew this was going on and so never said anything to them.

Dr Money gave Ron and Janet some "homework assignments", encouraging them to find opportunities to talk to Brenda explicitly about her genitalia and vaginal surgery. He told them to allow Brenda to see them naked, and also to have sexual intercourse in front of her. Although they did once walk around naked, they didn't have sexual intercourse in front of her, thankfully! They were told by Money that it's important for correct heterosexual child development. There is absolutely no science to prove this, unless of course, he's referring to Alfred Kinseys "research", which is completely unethical and completely fraudulent.

Brenda's behavioural problems spiraled. She was noted by her teachers as being "hyper and defiant" and looked "unhappy". The clinic also reported that Brian was also showing increasingly emotional problems related to Brenda's predicament. Brian explains; "She got all the attention".

When Brenda was almost ten, she developed a new attitude towards Money, frowning, sullen, and almost completely mute, refusing to answer his questions. She thought all of this was her fault. She felt guilty and would try to be more ladylike in front of her parents. A session with a clinical psychologist revealed Brenda had "strong fears that something has been done to her genitals" and had "suicidal thoughts". "There was nothing feminine about her" it was noted. She was two years behind her peers academically and had not progressed well from day one. She was a "rugged, tough girl".

She continued to refuse genital exams but did take some of the hormone pills her father gave her to please her parents, but often refused to take those too.

As Money's notes show, there was an "intense rejection of any conversation regarding matters sexual." Winter (a colleague of Money) says "he showed me photographs he would use, dirty pictures to see whether Brenda was homosexual, heterosexual or bisexual". Being the world's leading expert on sex change, most people blindly looked up to him. He was rarely ever questioned.

Money introduced a transexual to Brenda at one of her annual visits in an attempt to change her mind about surgery. Brenda describes her as "just a man with make-up and women's clothes on", she was freaked out by this encounter. The transexual was saying something about "taking Brenda upstairs to the fifth floor, where they could be alone". This was the last time Brenda ever went to Baltimore to see Money and told her mother that if she was ever forced to go there again, she'd kill herself.

The last time Brenda and Brian ever saw John Money was when he came to visit them in Winnipeg and ended up staying the night with the Reimers. The twins locked themselves in the basement and refused to come up and see Money.

Money devised to "desensitise" medical students to various sexual perversions. One show featured explicit photographs of people engaged in bestiality, urine-drinking, feces-eating, and various amputation fetishes. He also screened a film of an orgy including 5 women and 3 men. Kinsey also used this method, even making his own pornography films with his associates, and their wives. They BOTH stated that incest should not be prosecuted as a criminal offense; and that in cases where step-fathers sleep with their step-daughters, the mother is often "happy" because she's glad to have her husband off her back. Money liked to shock and play devils advocate, very cocky and self-assured, like Kinsey-outlandish and would openly speak absolute filth.

Money used one of Sigmund Freud's arguments;

"In normal female development, the girls urgent desire to reclaim her missing penis compels her to reroute her "infantile erotic desires" for her mother and direct them toward her father, so that she might, in sexual intercourse with him, take back the penis stolen from her, and it is by this means that she forms a "normal" heterosexual orientation".

The Reimer case stood as the single most compelling piece of evidence to prove the primacy of rearing over biology in the formation of Gender Identity. The BBC - "Horizon" did a piece on the twin's case, interviewing some of Brenda's doctors, who spoke of her "significant psychological problems" and more. John Money was absolutely furious. Another psychologist interviewed said;

"Somebody needed to say that this was not the rosy success story that was presented in the literature".

After listening to Brenda's doctors and speaking with many of her psychologists, the reporter from the BBC got angry, and they headed off to Baltimore to find John Money, whose address was a few minutes from John Hopkins University. Money delivered a threat to the BBC about airing the documentary after finding out they had visited the Reimer's, but the BBC stood behind the reporters involved, and it was aired in 2000.

There was some opposition to John Money's theories, a psychologist and sex researcher named Milton Diamond (aka Mickey) whose rift with Money lasted many years, right up until John Money died in 2006.

Mickey was Money's rival, and he brought the truth to light surrounding Money's work, especially the twins case. He was questioning John Hopkins' theories on nature V nurture. Money (unsurprisingly) despised Diamond, who found that an imposed sex assignment in early infancy was by no means the panacea Money's writings suggested.

They were at logger heads with each other, but they limited their debates solely to published papers and books, until one time at a conference they both attended. At the cocktail party when the conference had finished, John Money stood up and shouted; "Mickey Diamond, I hate your fucking guts!" They were arguing over the twin's case. Money tried to punch Diamond, who was shouting that Money's data was not all there. Money shouted back at him;

"We have to stick together as sex researchers and not challenge one another".

Just, as I expected, as he clearly did for Alfred Kinsey - "stuck by his ideologies" - this is NOT science!

Diamond wrote up the results of the BBC documentary in a short scientific paper in 1982 entitled "Sexual Identity, monozygotic twins reared in discordant sex roles, and a BBC follow-up". It was met with a frustrating silence, similar to the BBC documentary. The academic, scientific, and medical communities were oddly silent about the findings. "They ignored it" Diamond said; "It wasn't what they wanted to hear".

Janet Reimer was also suffering, and her Dr recognised that she was descending into a serious depression. She felt huge remorse through her life over the twins and it showed. Ron was drinking whiskey heavily, Janet and Brenda were at each others throats, and Brenda and Brian were constantly fighting. Everything was falling apart, every single member of the Reimer family was suffering terribly.

Eventually, after multiple physicians trying and failing to get Brenda to agree to vaginal surgery, they finally gave in and admitted defeat. She stood firm and they told Brenda's parents to tell her the truth about what happened to her as a baby. They realised that this just wasn't working, and could see the incredible suffering bestowed upon Brenda, and her family. She tried again to please her parents and started to use make-up like the other girls. Looking like a "clown" she was left broken and humiliated.

When Brenda was 14, her father told her the truth about what happened to her. This was the first and only time that Brenda had seen her father cry. She was speechless but relieved, she hadn't been crazy after all, and it wasn't her fault. Brenda asked only one question when Ron had finished telling her the truth; "What was my name?"


Brenda's decision to revert back to her biological sex was immediate. He chose the name "David", he felt it was a strong name, like "David and Goliath" in reflection of the life he'd lived so far, and all of his family noted that he was "happy".

David speaks to the author of "As nature made him" and describes his life as a child. He said that he would give anything to block out the past, he said;

"What they did to you in the body is sometimes not near as bad as what they did to you in the mind. It was just like survival, every single day".

When David was 15, he tracked down the Dr who had performed that fateful operation which mutilated him when he was 18 months old, Dr Jean-Marie Huot. He purchased a gun with intentions of "blowing his brains out" and confronted him at the same hospital where his mutilation took place. When the Dr realised who David was, he started to cry, David felt sorry for him and left. He could hear the Dr shouting after him; "wait, wait!" but he never turned back, he went to the river and cried.

Eventually David dated a girl when he was 18 years old, she was 16. He tried to put off anything sexual by getting drunk and saying he was tired, but one night, he got so drunk he passed out asleep. When he woke up it was obvious that she had looked between his legs, and he had no choice but to tell her the truth about his accident. Within a few days everyone knew. He was the subject of comments, giggling and ridicule. He was absolutely humiliated, it was unbearable. The next day he swallowed a bottle of his mother's anti-depressants, was found by Janet, and was rushed to hospital where he had his stomach pumped. A week later he tried it again, this time running a bath with the intention of drowning himself. He passed out before he made it to the bath, and Brian saved him.

Everyone was admittedly scared of John Money and his status within the field, and they didn't know what speaking out about his failures would do to their careers. Money's most widely publicised and influential case had failed from the outset.

After his encounter with the BBC in 1979, Money dropped all direct references to the case from published papers, books and public lectures. His sudden silence on the subject was perplexing. Becoming tight-lipped about the case and deflecting questions about the twins whenever it was brought up, he said he'd "lost track" and blamed the BBC reporters, saying that the family and the case had been irreparably damaged as a result.

"Losing Touch" with the family was proven a lie, as Janet says she wrote Money a letter about David switching back to a boy and gave him an update about what was currently happening in his life. She said he never let on that he was disappointed. David finally got married to Jane Fontaine, on 22nd September 1990, and fathered her three children from a previous relationship. He adored Jane and his children, and for a short time he was happy.

Even though Money refrained from speaking about the twin's case, he carried on lecturing on the efficacy of infant sex reassignment for boys with no penis, and John Hopkins continued to perform the procedure. Money continued to push that sex reassignment to girlhood was the sole option for baby boys with a micropenis.

After some time away from the case, Milton Diamond returned to it in the 1990's, partly because John Money had written a new book in his latest defense of his theory that social learning overrides biological imperatives, in the shaping of human sexual identity.

A tribute to John Money and his "achievements" was had for his 70th birthday, which included essays from his defenders. Two of these people were Dr June Reinisch, who studied with John Money in the 1960's, a psychologist who was Director of the Kinsey Institute from 1982 - 1993, and John Bancroft, a psychiatrist from Edinburgh and Director of the Kinsey Institute from 1995-2004. Watch this short documentary on Alfred Kinsey, where John Bancroft is defending his fraudulent "research".

One of David's clinicians agreed to contact him for a follow-up on his life that Money himself failed to do. Diamond flew to Winnipeg to meet David, who learned about his fame for the first time, how it was reported as a success, and that his case stood as precedent upon which thousands of sex reassignments had since been performed. He was staggered. He realised that all of these surgeries were based on him, and so he agreed to co-operate. Diamond used these interviews with David, plus detailed clinical records to write up the report.

Written in 1994, that paper casts David's life as living proof of precisely the opposite of what Money had said it proved. Instead, it was evidence that gender identity and sexual orientation are largely inborn, a result of prenatal hormone exposure, and other genetic influences on the brain and nervous system. While nurture may play a role in helping to shape a persons experienced degree of masculinity or femininity, nature is by far the stronger of the two forces in the formation of a person's private inner sense of self, as a man or woman, boy or girl.

It took Diamond and his co-author Sigmundson, who had also worked with Brenda, almost two years to get their paper published. They were basically telling all of these physicians that they'd been doing it wrong for 30 years. Sigmundson said; "we knew we were going to be pissing a lot of people off".

Although mostly ignored by the medical and scientific community, a Dr William Reiner, a physician, picked up on Diamond and Sigmundsons paper and fully agreed with their conclusions. Two years earlier Dr Reiner had launched a study, a long-term follow-up of patients who had been sex reassigned. Trained as a pediatric urologist who spent 18 years performing "normalising" genital surgeries on inter-sex children, he doubted things early on in his career, having seen many children of all different ages. He had a much greater view of these urological conditions.

In 1986 Reiner met a patient who changed his life. A fourteen-year old girl who announced she was dropping out of high school because she was "not a girl". He had a full medical performed on the girl and tests revealed that "she" was biologically a "he" - 46XY male who suffered from a rare chromosomal condition that prevents masculine differentiation of the genitals. Reiner performed the sex change surgery, after which, the former girl effortlessly assumed the sex written in his DNA. David also says in interviews that he knew something was "amiss", even before he fully understood the concept of boy and girl. Brenda stood up to urinate, she obviously knew something wasn't right, and was bullied for it.

Reiner was convinced his doubts over the years were correct; the biological underpinnings for psychosexual identity are not so easily overridden by social and environmental rearing, as he, and every other pediatric urologist, endocrinologist, psychiatrist and psychologist had been taught. He had to come to the conclusion that he was doing the wrong thing and published a paper on this case along with a warning to his fellow physicians about the long accepted theory, that rearing prevails over biology in shaping human sexuality. It was published in the "Journal of American Academy of Child Adolescent Psychiatry".

Dr Reiner finally put down his scalpel after 18 years as a surgeon and retrained as a child psychiatrist, specialising in psychosexual development and intersexual conditions, and was hired by John Hopkins in 1995.

He set out to follow 16 patients focusing particularly on 6 genetic males born without penises, and as a result, were castrated and raised as girls. Two years into the study he noted that all 6 sex-changed boys were closer to males in attitude and behaviour than to girls, and two had spontaneously reverted to being boys without being told of their male XY chromosome status. They'd say; "I'm a boy", or "I think i'm a boy". They were males without penises.

Diamond and Sigmundson's paper appeared in the New York Times in 1997 headlined "Sexual Identity not pliable after all", report says; "The experts had it all wrong". This brought lots of reporters to David Reimer's door and the true story finally broke.

David felt like he'd "never been a girl, not in his mind". Other people started to come forward when David went public, those in their 30's and 40's who, as babies, had undergone genital surgeries and were ready to speak on the record about their lives.

Another patient of Money's, Kiira Triea, had striking similarities to David's experiences. On numerous occasions, Dr Money questioned her sex life.

"Have you ever fucked somebody?".

He also showed her a pornographic video and asked her who she identified with. This is non-contact, child-sex abuse. There are laws surrounding showing explicit material to minors, although an "exemption" exists for "educational, scientific and artistic" purposes. In effect, something that we KNOW is harmful to minors in any other circumstance, magically becomes safe if it's introduced by a psychologist? Outrageous.

A group of patients came together and wrote to the AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) explaining their lives and ordeals. They never responded. Cheryl Chase, an American intersex activist and the founder of the Intersex Society of North America wrote to them again, and although they didn't respond directly, they released a statement defending their position. Dr John Gearhart at John Hopkins dismissed the group as "zealots" and said "advances in medicine render ISNA's concerns obsolete". They planned to force the medical establishment into a corner;

"I think a context will open up for surgeons who keep doing this to become vulnerable to lawsuits. What we want to happen is that when they make their recommendation to parents, they tell them it's experimental and there's no evidence that it works, and that there's plenty of people who've had it done to them, who are mad as hell".

Case histories of children reared with ambiguous genitals are rare because so few intersexual newborns have avoided surgical intervention. But in 1989 a study appeared in the "Journal of Urology" of the lives of 20 males with micro-penises who were reared in their biological sex. Patients ranged from 10-43 years, had ALL formed healthy male gender identities and participated in normal male activities in childhood and adolescence. Far from manifesting psychological traumas and mental illnesses, the study showed the majority of patients rose above their genital handicap and, not only made an "adequate adjustment" to life but lived in a way virtually indistinguishable from people without genital difference.

Their lives only strengthened the investigators impression that the condition of the genitalia plays a strikingly insignificant part in the way a person develops a stable and healthy gender identity, nor to mention a secure and confident self-image. A boy with an untreated micro-penis married at 24 and the study reported;

"His life is an eloquent and incisive testimony to the stamina of human personality".

This study from 1951 being overlooked isn't at all surprising. It was never commercially publicised or distributed and can only be obtained through written application. The author was a thirty-year old Doctorial Candidate, named John Money.

Jon Meyer of John Hopkins, and former Director of the Gender Identity Clinic, produced a long-term follow-up of postoperative and preoperative adult transexuals treated at John Hopkins since 1966. He reported that none showed any measurable improvement in their lives and concluded that;

"Sex reassignment surgery confers no objective advantage in terms of social rehabilitation". In an October press release during a conference at John Hopkins in 1979, it was announced that the Gender Identity Clinic was now closed. John Money wasn't notified and slowly thereafter, Money was pushed out of John Hopkins.

In the 1990's Money was angry because his work was falling apart, he was being hugely criticized within the media and within his own field, he lashed out in his writing's. In 1997 after Diamond and Sigmundson's paper, Money was inundated with interview requests about David Reimer. He refused to speak, citing confidentiality laws. Even when David Reimer himself gave permission for Money to speak about the case, Money still refused;

"I am not under any circumstances available for an interview regarding the Reimer case, and I have no further comments to make. So please desist".

Mickey Diamond says that he had repeatedly invited John Money to share or publish information on the twins over the previous 15 years, always to no avail.

John Colapinto, Author of the book "As Nature Made Him" (partly used for this blog) spoke to John Money on the phone about Milton Diamond's findings. In denial, he kept blaming everything else. Colapinto asked Money;

"If it would not be worthwhile for him to make changes in his text for a future edition. Money said flatly; "I'll be dead by then".

Defendants of Money can't answer the specific questions asked of them. The issue is that these psychologists are relying on patient testimony. As we've discussed, this is not a true representation of what is going on with that patient, for many reasons. One patient said;

"You feel so embarrassed and ashamed to be talking to someone, that you'll basically tell them anything, just so that you can get the hell out of there". - This happened with David on many occasions.

One such defender of Money, Dr Zucker, presented a follow-up to another case of a developmentally normal boy who had been raised as a girl. She was also Canadian, like David, and had striking parallels to David's case. He had lost his penis to a botched circumcision and was subsequently reassigned as a girl. Years later, into her twenties, Zucker says she was still living in the female sex. Although he stated that the process was "successful", he did state that the patient in childhood had always enjoyed stereotypically masculine toys and games, and, as an adult, she has a "blue-collar" job typically exclusive to males and is currently living with a woman. Zucker did agree to the problem with "patient testimony" and that it could be flawed, based upon these reasons. He had never actually met the patient so was relying on others work. This paper had another silent collaborator. The investigator was John Money himself, who had overseen sex reassignment and conducted a number of follow-ups with the child until she (for reasons unspecified) stopped returning to John Hopkins.

Money's attitude towards sex, as he stated;

"I don't know why people always say making love; it's making sex".

I've noticed a pattern with the sexologists i've come across in my research, especially Kinsey and Money, who were both highly influential men. There is never anything about "love" in their teachings, it's all just sex, sex and more sex. This has DESTROYED the nuclear family and torn away at the core.

There are many cases of those sex reassigned at birth that change gender in their teens because they "don't feel like a girl". One such case, whom is referred to as "Baby Doe" also shared huge similarities with David Reimer. Both of the children (Baby Doe and another) injured at the same hospital in 1985, were also born on 22nd August - twenty years after the twins were born. The psychologist who consulted on Baby Doe's case was John Money, FIVE years AFTER David decided to live as a male.

"As Nature Made Him" was a clear corrective to the extreme nurturist stance of the sixties and seventies, when biological influences on gender identity and sexual orientation were dismissed altogether.

Although John Money alluded to "pay-outs" being the reason for the story and David Reimer going public, it was just a clutch at straws. David was telling the story in order to correct a published record of his life, that had stood for over 25 years - a published record which expressly denied the extraordinary torments he had undergone, and which, to David's everlasting horror, had led to similar anguish for untold numbers of children.

Brian also suffered deeply as a result of everything that happened to David. He was left out and thought to be "taking care of himself" - he said;

"Any problem I ever had seemed trivial compared to David's, so it was almost like I had to do something to get a little attention".

He had cyclical depression, attempted suicide at age sixteen, and later became a self-medicating alcoholic. He lost his job, marriage and children. Brian was found dead in his flat in the spring of 2002, from a combination of anti-depressants and alcohol. The twins were estranged at the time, it hit David very hard and he was never the same after Brian died.

David appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show, Dateline, NBC, Good Morning America, and other TV and Radio shows. He was publicly speaking about what happened to him in an attempt to help others. With the money he received from interviews and with the loss of his job, David had time to sit around, brooding. This was disastrous for him. Keeping him busy was keeping him alive.

Sadly, on the 5th of May 2004, David Reimer took his own life. He shot himself in the head with a sawn-off shotgun, in the parking lot of a super-market, the day after his wife had separated from him. He was finally free from the nightmare life that he lived. Suicide hung over David's life since he was just six years old, it was noted by his psychiatrist; Associated with suicide, depression, panic attacks and anxiety. Even after David settled into a "normal" life, that he so craved, his demons persisted. He had threatened to kill himself on several occasions, taken two overdoses and he tried to asphyxiate himself in his car, in the family garage, but Jane found him in time.

In conclusion, this story is an absolute tragedy, for all family members. The day that the Reimers met John Money, was the day this nightmare was to begin, and only end, when both twins died, although not an end to Janet and Ron Reimer's nightmare. They were left absolutely heart broken.

This case was established as a complete success, heavily draped through-out the literature and still referenced today.

We've established that John Money's theory on gender identity, and the power of rearing over nature, is false. Based upon this theory, thousands of infants have undergone sex reassignment as babies, and gone on to live dreadful lives. This is even more evident today, in 2022.

This "theory" has been filtered through academia, science and medicine for DECADES. We are now teaching this to children in school, as young as three years old. It's clearly not based in science, so why on earth are we teaching this dangerous ideology to children? For what purpose?

The two most important influences in this agenda, are John Money and Alfred Kinsey.

For more information, please visit Public Child Protection Wales and join them in their fight to kick out this very dangerous education that is sexualising very young children, confusing them, and causing disastrous problems. They have a Judicial Review to be heard on the 15th and 16th November 2022. This is the tail end of a one-hundred year agenda, and we, the people, the parents, and protectors of our children, need to stand up and take back our parental rights over the state.

The science proves that;

"The most important sex organ is not the genitals; it's the brain".

Useful Links: - The terrible fraud of transgender "medicine" - NHS child gender identity clinic whistleblower wins tribunal - Gayle Rubin Essay on Queer Theory - "Thinking Sex" - John Money, father of gender identity - falsifier and advocate of pedophilia.

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