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Gender and Sexual Equality - Part Four

Updated: Jun 11, 2023

"International research states that the most effective RSE programmes are those that adopt a rights-and gender-based approach."

The above is the very first sentence in this chapter and I'm just going to start as I mean to go on. What an absolute load of bullshit! The only 'international research' on this horrendous hypersexualised and extremely dangerous and confusing so-called 'education' concluded that it was 87% ineffective! I've posted this review in a previous chapter but just in case you didn't see it please be my guest and have another read.

In the very first paragraph and the introduction to this chapter on 'Gender and Sexual Equality' it is stated that gender underpins ALL the work that they do in RSE. This should ring alarm bells for people. Why is it so important in relationships? Please bear in mind that they are teaching children from much younger than age eleven that there are multiple genders - 73, or 100, or whatever it is today - they keep changing their minds. This is obviously not true at all, not rooted in science, is clearly an ideology and is highly confusing AND dangerous, considering we know how malleable a child's delicate mind is. There are obviously only TWO genders, male and female.

It is expressed to the educator facilitating that 'Not all of the activities will be SAFE for you to facilitate, however, it depends on the group you are working with, the context that you work in and your own confidence, skills and experience.'

So basically then, it's completely down to the educator, demonstrating that absolutely no boundaries or guidelines are in place - 'teach it however you see fit' attitude. What if the educator is a predator? This happens more than people care to realise as explained previously, child abusers will seek out places where they have access to children. Institutions such as schools are a prime target. Many will say that all staff have to be DBS checked and worthy to take positions at schools, however a DBS (disclosure and barring service) will only bring up a persons previous convictions. So if the abuser has never been caught and charged for their offenses, this will not show up on the DBS check. This is all that is in place to check a potential member of staffs background.

"Since gender underpins all the work that we do in RSE you may find that you need to keep coming back to these activities and weaving them into your education programmes and conversations with young people."

Firstly, none of these educators are trained or qualified in the field of child protection to the degree that it needs, they are only qualified in their chosen fields to teach, such as history, geography, english or science for example. This is why the authors have suggested they keep coming back to these activities as a guide. The people who wrote this resource are also not specialists in child protection as we can see. Their sexuality does NOT qualify them to speak to children about such matters. When I was at school, myself and my peers didn't even know the first names of our teachers, we certainly did not discuss anything about their private lives or sexual matters. Remember these are adults and strangers, first and foremost!

Secondly, notice how they advise to 'weave' them into education programmes and conversations? This highlights what we've been trying to tell people for a while in that RSE is NOT a stand alone subject. You cannot remove your child from these lessons because they've adopted a 'Whole School Approach' - meaning that it's littered all the way through the curriculum, which is something that most parents don't realise. Look at the following screen shots taken from discussions within a teachers group about the teaching of RSE.

There are many more discussions within certain groups on social media that are extremely worrying. It's clear that many of them have absolutely no idea what to teach and are reaching out to other educators for 'advice' which usually ends up in the hands of third party organisations such as Stonewall, Mermaids, Bish, Jigsaw, Twinkl, Agenda and Educate and Celebrate - completely unvetted and unregulated. The reliance upon these groups is astounding and in many cases parents are not allowed to see what these organisations are teaching their children as it's deemed as a 'copyright breach'.

It is stated that 'heteronormativity' can be challenged through RSE and that this chapter 'helps to expose heterosexual privilege and normativity and explore how this can be challenged'

It is advised that they should NEVER assume someone's gender or sexuality and never require them to 'come out' in a session. Using the key concepts in this chapter they are encouraged to use critical thinking and take 'social action'. I don't know about the people reading this blog but I have certainly seen this 'social action' happening all around me, and by young children too. It's just another proof that children are being groomed within the classrooms into socio-political activists in an effort to change societies attitudes and behaviours - and it seems to be working. For example, in Section one of this chapter, titled "Heteronorms" it states that these activities will 'encourage young people to take action to change the rules and norms that are oppressive and discriminatory.'

They encourage educators to consider the possible contents of more fair and equal gender boxes and the possibility of having no gender boxes at all, and the activities in this section aim to create space to explore more fluid and holistic ideas about masculinity/femininity. Basically then, to deter young impressionable minds away from the natural order of things. Remember what they mean when they say 'holistic' - is that anything goes. This is highly confusing for children, and the results are evident - what we are witnessing in society right now highlights just how successful this campaign has truly been. For example, as a child, I was a 'tom boy' and wasn't typically feminine in my ways or my interests - in today's world I would be encouraged by questionable and unstable adults that perhaps I was trans and born in the wrong body.

The far left activists insist that you can't be taught to be trans, although I beg to differ. How is it that since this agenda really took off, that more and more young children are identifying as trans and the other 73 so called genders at the exact same time as it's being pushed all over the place? On TV, in movies, through music, in shops and restaurants, online and in schools. It's a dangerous cult and it's been made popular by influencers and educators all over the world. LGBT and self proclaimed human rights activist Peter Tatchell is often given air time to promote his nonsense and often states that children can't be taught to be trans. Watch this video from 2:25:25 of a debate on GB news where Tatchell reiterates his stance. Thankfully common sense Nick Tenconi from Turning Point UK puts him firmly in his place and calls for the British public to put a stop to this nonsense immediately because it's child abuse - I wholeheartedly agree with him, these are the facts.

Educators are instructed to encourage students of eleven years old plus to draw on their own experiences, talk to family and friends and conduct internet-based research to find out more about gender norms and how gender influences what people do. Again, this is incredibly dangerous advice to be giving to children considering the absolute horrors that are found on the internet in regards to influencers pushing this ideology. Here is an example of just one of those influencers who your children is highly likely to come across - he is one of many, he's a groomer - Jeffrey Marsh. Please bare in mind that children with special needs are vulnerable to these evil beings and are much more likely to be affected by them in a negative way, including being groomed. The internet really isn't a safe place for children I'm sorry to say and they are being encouraged by their teachers to seek out this dangerous information. This is a huge safeguarding concern.

Towards the end of one activity within this section, whilst discussing gender stereotypes there are listed some questions. One of the questions is 'What needs to happen to increase diversity in films? (Discussion prompts include: who has power and influence in the film industry; who is paid the most money for appearing in films; the impact of sexism and sexual harassment within the film industry)

I thought it would be helpful to quote this question to highlight that this has been going on for some time. Children are indeed being encouraged under the banner of 'diversity' to believe and promote absurdities in an effort to change the whole of society. This has been happening for decades within the Film Industry and the Music Industry and has had a significant affect on our young children's minds - in a negative way, confusing them as intended.

Continuing the discussion about gender stereotypes, an activity for thirteen year old's plus requires that all participants, girls and boys, find a partner to paint each others nails and to leave it on for one week. Why? what on earth is the purpose of this nonsense? It's absolutely ridiculous and there is no need. Even if there are a very tiny amount of boys that do want to wear nail varnish, most of them do not? So why are they required to take part in this crap? Another example from a primary school in Porthcawl South Wales had the children play 'dress up' out of the dressing up box. These were children of about 6 or 7 and the dressing up box only had princess dresses within it. Some of the little boys in the class were crying because they didn't want to dress up as princesses. They are being traumatised in these institutions in the name of 'diversity' and being 'progressive'. It's unbelievable what is going on in these classrooms and the parents have no idea.

Just as a side line here, myself and my co-host Lou at Liberty Tactics recently interviewed an incredible warrior from British Columbia in Canada. Her name is Ronnie Herman and she was a kindergarten teacher until 2021 when she resigned because she could no longer go along with this nightmare that they are playing within the school system. She gave some harrowing accounts of children being traumatised through 'drills' which terrorised the children to the point of crying and wetting themselves - parents were not informed and were not allowed in the school. Please listen to the whole podcast here. As explained numerous times, this education is worldwide, this is an agenda that has already been introduced in 52 other countries.

After asking the students multiple irrelevant questions about the nail varnish exercise it goes on to state that 'heteronormativity is based on a very narrow and limited gender stereotypes that don't give much wriggle room for creative and diverse self expression'. There is an option to 'opt out' of this exercise if it 'makes them uncomfortable' highlighting the fact that they do indeed know that it will make most young people uncomfortable, however it goes on to encourage educators to 'Remember to draw these participants into the discussion at the end of the activity' demonstrating that even those who do NOT want to participate still have to get involved at the end so they can contribute.

Eleven year old's are put into small groups to discuss LGBT+ rights including age of sexual consent and trans healthcare rights and asked to create a Bill of Rights/Bill of Gender Rights that outlines their hopes and vision for the future. Wow. Obviously anything in opposition to any of this will not be allowed, this is all towards creating a positive outcome only. This again highlights the attempt to bring children into politics, encouraging them to become political activists on behalf of adults spinning extremely dangerous ideologies and putting our children in danger.

For educators in regards to asking fourteen year old's if they would be classed as sexual harassment, the following statements are listed:

* Sharing a short film of two people from the year above having sex

* Discussing someone else's sex life

* Calling someone a slapper/slag/whore

* Asking someone what their genitals are like

* Repeating rumours or gossip about someone's sex life or sexual identity

* Making graphic remarks about sex - e.g, she would look good naked in my bed

The purpose for bringing this up is that all of these statements indirectly suggest that it's 'normal' for children to be having sex. Remember these are children of fourteen and not even at the age of consent. These sort of statements make young people think that they should be experimenting sexually, and for those who are still maintaining their innocence, it puts them into the category of feeling less, perhaps uncool, and that there is something wrong with them.

These statements are followed by more questions including "Has consent been given in this scenario and is it needed?" - we've discussed consent extensively through-out my previous blogs and why it's dangerous for children to be considered as capable of giving consent when it comes to sex. In this publication they encourage educators on multiple occasions to discuss consent and when it's necessary to give or to be obtained. Children do NOT have the mental capacity to consent to such things.

The authors of this resource also state that it's useful to introduce the concept of rape culture to young people. However, they fail to mention the reasons WHY we even have a rape culture in the first place. Has there always been rape? yes. Has there always been rape to the magnitude we see today? no. The reason for the rape culture is directly because of the sexual liberation movement that this resource puts out in a positive light, and pornography. This is the elephant in the room and something that most people don't want to discuss. Please read my blog on pornography to get an understanding of what it has done and continues to do to society, and impressionable young minds.

The next exercise is one obtained from Professor Emma Renold's organisation "AGENDA" aimed at thirteen year old's which educators are encouraged to support them to engage in social activism. There it is again.........most of the readers of this blog would have seen the crazy video footage of so called "activism" in this respect. It's usually youngsters who have absolutely no idea of what they are even defending and who have been groomed by the likes of Emma Renold's into thinking that they are somehow doing great things and achieving "equality" and "inclusion" on the basis of so-called "progression". They are mostly angry and incredibly disrespectful as they shout and scream in the faces of anyone who may disagree. Despite what they are being led to believe, this is not progression, far from it.

The conversations in this exercise focus on tackling homophobia, biphobia and transphobia by using Stonewalls annual school report. Seems fair enough, only Stonewall are one of the organisations that use aggressive so-called activism on the back of this agenda to force people into tolerance and acceptance of ALL sexualities. Stonewall actively campaigned to lower the age of consent in Scotland and are hugely funded by the Welsh government as well. They are a terrible organisation with complete disregard for safeguarding children under the guise of protecting different sexualities against "bullying" and "harassment". In this exercise students are encouraged to have T-shirts printed with messages of positive social change. In other words, messages to push a very dangerous ideology onto the whole of society through the children.

Take a look at this activity for eleven year old's. I've added the pages to this rather than take points because I feel it's important to see in all its glory.

If this isn't full on indoctrination I don't know what is. It goes far beyond informing children and teaching them how to be inclusive - they are being encouraged to take this outside the classroom and into society. They don't need to know all of this nonsense, they are still very young children, not even teenagers. It pains me to see what they are being exposed to. We are seeing the fall-out of this indoctrination all around us and it's terrifying.

As children are being taught that sex is assigned at birth and that the doctor can make mistakes and assign the incorrect sex, this is what is being shown to eleven year old's - 'The Genderbread Person'. This confuses me as an adult, what on earth is this doing to children's minds??

In another exercise aimed at eleven year old's, students are directed to brainstorm the identity labels they would use to describe themselves. So in a curriculum where they are supposedly moving away from labels due to the fact that labelling naturally causes division, they are encouraging them to give themselves labels. Makes sense. All in the name of 'diversity' they say.

Section 3 of this chapter is based around diversity, power and privilege where it states in the first paragraph:

"There is a focus on heteronormativity as a key form of privilege and on the homophobia and sexism experienced as a result"

This is extremely dangerous. They are teaching your children to be racist fascists and it's actually pretty successful so far, and getting worse. This also teaches children to feel guilty for being heterosexual, as well as teaching them to feel guilty just for being white, as CRT (Critical Race Theory) suggests. It says: "Check in which identities were able to take the most steps forward (white adult male usually) and use this to lead a discussion about power and privilege" Again within this exercise children are encouraged to engage in social activism to bring about social change in their communities.

I've noted that one of the only times that the 'disabled' protected characteristic is mentioned throughout this whole publication is in relation to "less privileged" groups. They mention it in the context of what is inaccessible to them, but alongside "trans people experiencing issues accessing appropriate toilets or changing facilities". This is very clever and very sinister. There are genuine reasons that disabled people are protected! There are NO genuine reasons for those identifying as the opposite sex to be having access to toilets and changing facilities that aren't in accordance to their biological sex, regardless of how they identify. There is a reason that women and girls have protected spaces in the first place, away from men and boys. This is now being stomped upon in the name of so-called 'diversity'.

We are in 2023 and being gay these days is no big deal. There was a time where homosexuals weren't accepted and for that reason many were too afraid to come out in fear of being bullied and alienated. Everyone obviously deserves not to be abused. However, that has not been the case in decades and most certainly not today. There has been a whole turn around in attitude towards gays and lesbians and no-one can deny it. If you are homophobic in this day and age, then it's you who will be attacked and ostracised, even if you aren't being homophobic and just being labeled it, will also get you in trouble. It's classed as hate speech and you can lose your job and have your reputation destroyed - therefore, people tend not to be homophobic. People are mostly accepting.

BUT, it's being used to push tolerance and acceptance of ALL sexualities AND sexual behaviours and this is very dangerous. Again, it's very clever to use the LGBT movement as a tool for it because if you speak against it then it's you who becomes the enemy and is labeled as such: bigot, homophobe, biphobe, transphobe, fascist, racist etc. This has meant that anyone speaking out on issues surrounding transitioning children for example, will be attacked as a "far right extremist" and the genuine dangers and concerns are completely ignored.

In an activity from "Sexuality Education Matters" students are encouraged to accept, support, admire, appreciate and celebrate the gay community. Although this sounds inclusive on the surface, when we take a look at the bigger picture it's not as it seems. As we can see today, there is a massive forceful push for LGBT absolutely everywhere and to all children, wherever they turn and for all ages, as young as possible. As discussed in my blog 'educate and devastate' the reasons for this are many, and some of the reasons are extremely worrying - all in the name of their buzzwords - inclusivity and diversity.

Students are told to imagine that they are gay in order to force them to be tolerant, although it's a ploy to encourage them away from heteronormativity. They are asked:

* What are some of the ways that heterosexual privilege plays out in our school/culture/community?

* What are some of the ways that we can challenge heterosexual privilege in our schools/community?

Once again, this is an attempt to brainwash young impressionable children that heterosexuals are privileged and they need to change things - it's absolute nonsense! This is highly dangerous. Judging from the mess I see on a daily basis and the incoherent babble from young people who've been indoctrinated to believe this crap, it has unfortunately worked. Apparently, the same benefits are not granted to LGBT+ people which is a lie. I'd go as far to say that LGBT+ have more benefits nowadays than heterosexuality and we all know it. An exercise for eleven year old's explores the concept of 'coming out of the closet' in a predominantly heterosexual and heteronormative culture.

Before I go any further, correct me if I'm wrong but an eleven year old is still a very young child. They should NOT be thinking about coming out of the closet or otherwise! They shouldn't be thinking about their sexuality AT ALL! There was a time when eleven year old's were still playing in parks, climbing trees, playing in streams and brooks and collecting super hero cards! Not anymore unfortunately. Thanks to perverted, woke ADULTS, children are now involved in adult content younger and younger each day. It's absolutely gut wrenching. Please remember that the adults bringing this education to your children don't believe in childhood innocence. They believe that children are equal to adults and that should concern every single parent/grandparent/aunt/uncle/grown-up, on Earth.

The last part of this chapter is an exercise from Professor Emma Renold's organisation 'AGENDA' titled 'Imagining power in action' where scenarios of power struggles are presented. Participants are instructed to once again engage in activism to bring about positive change within the community. This exercise is for fourteen plus and here are the scenarios listed:

As well as being encouraged to discuss the above, they are also asked 'How do people negotiate sex?' in regards to relationships and families. I don't know how many times it has to be pointed out. Asking fourteen year old's how they think people 'negotiate' sex? VERY dangerous. This is a groomers paradise. They no longer have to go through the grooming process, it's literally being done for them in Satan's classrooms.

References of interest at the end of part four are:

End of Part be continued.

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